What Am I Saying?

Are you watching what you say and how you say it? Our thoughts create our words and then our words influence our thoughts.  It’s important that we think good thoughts, and say good thoughts.
Say what YOU want for YOURSELF and for OTHERS.

When we think of others we should say what we want and we all want “good” don’t we. When we say things such as “My son doesn’t clean his room” that is what we get; a son who doesn’t clean his room. If I were to say “My girlfriend is always late” I put these thoughts into action out into the universe and she shows up late.

I was recently reminded in my thoughts of this when I was composing an ad to sell something at eBay. Here is the listing and see if you can see what I needed to change:

Another great, LIKE NEW item from my TerScott.com/bargainbasement! Everyone loves guitar, 

and this instruction book makes it easy to learn. Really learn about how to tune your guitar, change strings, 

and play along with the CD. Man, I really wish I had this when I started! 

Grab your guitar, and enjoy! It's $14.95 at any music store; I'll save you some cash when you BUY IT NOW for only 10 bucks, and some gas money by sending it right to your home. 

Buy it now without any cares about condition and experience our special brand of customer service. 

We always donate 10% to a charity! This order's charity is: Gibson Foundation. Your purchase helps others to learn to play guitar and stay out of trouble

Thanks for looking! TS 

Did you find it? It’s: “…stay out of trouble”.
I needed to state what I wanted which is to do good things, etc. so I changed the wording to state: “…and to do good things in life!”

What are you saying?

Make it a great day!

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