Ter Scott's Attainment Coaching for only $5

How would you like to "try" my consulting/coaching service? What if I told you that you can try out what I do for you for only $5? Well you can; for a limited time. I have a gig on Fiverr with the basic gig is $5 and there are more options if you'd like (if you would like counseling over Skype, it's more).

Following is a description of what I'll do for you and you can CLICK HERE to go to my profile page which includes this limited time gig and others.

help you attain anything within 6 to 12 months

I will help you attain any "one area" that you want within the Major 8 ™ Good Health, Enjoyment of Food, Restful Sleep, Money, Full Life and Leave a Legacy, Sexual Gratification, the Well Being of Your Children and Those you Love, and a Feeling of Importance (or something that isn’t listed).
IMPORTANT: This requires back and forth communication in a timely manner between buyer/seller. Please contact me before purchasing for full understanding to avoid cancellations and hurting both buyer/seller profile and Fiverr reputation.
5 Step Process 
1.       Tell me what you desire, what your situation is right now; and what and how long you have been doing to attain this; 500 to 1000 words.
2.       I will reply with my initial thoughts, comments and questions.
3.       You’ll reply with answers to my questions. (CAUTION: At this point, I’ve offered value. If for any reason you do not reply with step 3 within 24 hours, this will complete the job and I will “deliver” step 2 again; completing the job).
4.       I will respond with my evaluation and recommendations.
5.       I will present to you a set of affirmations and “tools” that are exclusive to you, your needs and desires. 

CLICK HERE to go to my profile page which includes this limited time gig and others. 

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