When you “believe to receive” don’t “think” yourself short. – Ter Scott

You are thinking too small. I can say that because it is a fact that 97% of people are broke. This is because they have "broke" thinking. Let's change that today. 

Donald Trump is known by many quotes but one of his quotes that really sticks with me is the one, “If you are going to think you may as well think big; as it takes just as much energy to think big as it does to think small”. This of course is my paraphrase but I think that you get the idea.

But today, I’m going to help you not only to “get the idea” as I just stated but I want you to see it by doing this simple exercise.

Take a sheet of paper (8 ½ x 11 size) that is blank on both sides.

Fold it in half from top to bottom so it’s now 8 ½ x 5 ½.

Fold it again from the left to the right so it is now a quarter of the full size.

Now, fold it just once more from top to bottom. You will now have something that resembles a “tent style” business card only larger. Be sure to press the edges so it is as flat as you can make it. On the front side of this rectangle area, to the best of your artistic ability draw the frame of the edge of a dollar bill; don’t place the amount of the bill on the sheet. Draw only the frame that decorates the outer edge of what you might remember as “play money” and draw a dollar sign in each of the four corners.

Now you are preparing for the “magic”. In the center of the frame that you drew with the dollar sign ($) symbol in each of the four corners, now write the amount of money that you desire in the center. Let’s say that your desire is for $5,000. If so, write $5,000 in the center of the bill.

You’ve just prepared for the “magic” now you will “see” the magic.

Are you ready?

OK. Unfold the paper so that you see your drawn money bill with your amount desired in one of the eight areas created by the creases when it was folded. Do you see how “little” the amount seems now? You may have thought that the amount of money you desired was a lot. Now, since you have eight areas now instead of just the one area, multiplied the desired amount you’ve written by eight; that’s the amount you should be believing to attain! (If your amount was $5,000 as it was in our example the amount is now 8 x 5,000 or $40,000! You were thinking too small but now you are not.

This will help you to now visualize "bigger". You bills will diminish to the size of your wealth; I believe it to be true and it is true for you. 

When you “believe to receive” don’t “think” yourself short. – Ter Scott

I hope this helps you.

Do well!

Ter Scott!

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