"Know" Money or "No" Money, states Life and Legacy Coach, Ter Scott!

One reason why people do not manifest many things in their life such as a large sum of money is because they are not "comfortable" with it. We all have a certain comfort zone and can "see" ourselves only at a certain level financially (or otherwise in any of the Major 8 areas).

Have you heard the stories of sales managers sending people to different territories and the salesperson only gets the amount of sales from that area that they are "used" to earning? Someone is in an area and makes $40K a year while another earns $100K in his area. The sales manager sends the 100K fellow to the $40K area to build it up and sure enough, that year he earns $100K. But guess what. How much did the $40K earner get in sales from the $100K area? You guessed it;  only $40K. The point is, it's not the area it's the person in the area and specifically it's the area between the person's two ears!

Today I will share with you why you may be asking the universe for say $100K or $250K (which is the "new" 6 figure income but that's a different article) and you are not getting anywhere near your mark. Why?

This is a reason why most people pray and say they want a certain amount of money in their life but don't even attain a fraction of the amount.

In my seminars and workshops I state: "Know money or no money"!

You don't "know" money, so you have "no" (or little; certainly not the amount you are asking for) money! If you desire 1 million dollars I will tell you now that you are not seeing 1 million dollars in your life because you are not ready for it, you haven't courted it, you have no relationship with it and you know nothing or little of it. Today I will share a few things you can do to get to know 1 million dollars a bit more so your 1 million (or any other amount of money) will come to you.

First before I share this, let me remind you that money is just like any of the other 7 of the "Major 8" that I tell you about so when hearing these things, please know that you can apply the same principles in those areas as well.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

OK, now after you blurted out the typical, glib answers, let's start over. Get out a piece of paper and write down some things you want. List things that you want to be, do and have. There is usually a monetary cost/price for each. Now total them up. Does you sum come to 1 million dollars or more? If you don't want to take the time to do this, money will not take the time to come to you. You are a wisher and you are not serious. Money will go to someone else with a plan to court her. I think it was Brian Tracey who said that if you won the lottery of 1 million dollars and didn't have the 1 million dollar consciousness, you would have to quickly develop it or you would not retain the million dollars. What I'm doing for you today is to help you get the consciousness!

Write the number for 1 million on a piece of paper.

If you  don't know how many "zeros" is in the number, that is a good clue that you do not have a million dollar consciousness; you do not "know" 1 million so you have "no" million. Let's say that you want a million in 12 months. How much would you have to have each month, week or day to come to you (either working or other) to have 1 million dollars at the end of 12 months? I learned that from Bob Proctor who states that he is always working with numbers. Robert Kiyosaki also likes numbers!

What is the correct spelling: Rols Royse, Rollz Royce, Rolls Royce, or Rolz Royce?
If you don't know how to spell it, you'll never have it.

This is the logo of an expensive car; what's the name of it?

If I asked you to draw the logo of a Ford, Chevy or Mustang on a piece of paper, I'm sure you could do so and it would even be pretty recognizable even though you may not be an artist. That my friend is why you drive one of those instead of some other car you are "wishing" for!!!

Use the internet to play "fantasy" shopping. 

You've heard of fantasy football (and other sports) right? Collect pictures of houses, cars, exotic destinations and keep them in front of your eyes by posting them in places you'll see frequently but do something more with these pictures; put a price tag on each. How much is that house, that car and that destination?

Get to "know" your dollar amount that you desire and you surely will have it! 

Get out of your "comfort" zone and into the "uncomfortable zone" which will later become "comfortable". Keep stretching yourself. The human  condition is meant to always become better, to do, have and be better. Start this moment to "know" money or you'll surely have "no" money!

Best of continued success!

Ter Scott! 
Life and Legacy Coach
888-twentyfour 1 - forty 3 and 1.

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