Is money through real estate investing in your future?

Manifest money in your life through real estate investing? 

I'll be presenting a video soon about manifesting great things in your life in this blog very soon so be sure to return. While creating it I was thinking about how we are always manifesting things whether we want to or not. As in the movie, The Secret, it was explained how we can't "turn it off"; it's always "creating" as our thoughts are always continuing.

However, we also need to add "action" to our "attraction" (you can quote me on that; I use it in my seminars and workshops). Many of us would like to add more income to our lifestyle. You can see above that money is only one of the Major 8 but it seems to be the one that people need more of in their life.

With the above thoughts in mind, I present to you a video that I put together to assist my senior readers to create income. Think of it as an option. This may not be for you or how you might think of adding income to your life but remember that we must always be thinking of others and not just of ourselves.

So, I'm am following my own advice and sharing it with "others" here. Also, there are two ways to earn income; one as being a student investor learning how to become a real estate investor with this online school and secondly to promote and market the online school classes.

When you watch my video, think about whether you might want to earn an income as a real estate investor (student), market the online school (earning substantial commissions up to $10,000 per sale) or passing this on to someone else who might be blessed by this information.

Here is the video!

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