Being on advisory board has its perks

Congrats! If you see the pic: 

JOIN Ter Scott’s 

it means there are still positions open!
To be an advisory member, 
it’s FREE and available to 100 people only!

·         As an advisory member you’ll provide your input on the creation and development of my products. In return for your activity you’ll receive:

  • ·         Get FREE (and Discounted Products) before and after release.
  • ·         Permission to use “Ter Scott Attainment Coach Advisory Board Member” on your blog or webpage (requires a link to my blog or site).
  • ·         Permission to use your advisory experience on your resume.
  • ·         Earn 10% Finders Fee for leads resulting in speaking events for Ter Scott Attainment Talks.
  • ·         Networking opportunities with other members.
  • ·         Guest blogger opportunity to have your article published on this site (and others)
  • ·         There will be more great things offered to advisory members as time goes on.

To become a member, all you need to do is 
complete my response form 

and in the comments area of the form state 3 specific reasons why you want to be on the board and how you will be an asset. When I have 100 members this offer will close. You may choose to be on the waiting list and when a current member quits or becomes disqualified due to inactivity or other, you’ll be contacted and offered membership. In the future there may be a fee to be an advisory member but as long as you are an active member (or on the waiting list) prior to any price increase, you’ll be grandfathered in!

This is free, and I assure you it will be an exciting adventure. I “hang out” with the people from The Secret, and others and will share with you thoughts from them. I’ll share when they are offering free things and when they have new products, workshops, etc. I’m always creating products and you’ll learn from the “inside” as I share my thoughts on how I came about the idea, etc.

Do it now before you forget, visit: and complete the form. Then give me and my staff up to a week to respond (this isn’t automatic, a human actually works with you).

That’s it for today. I look forward to getting your request! If you have questions or comments, you may also complete the form.

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott! Attainment Coach

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