Be like the "Little Engine that Could" and attain for yourself and others.

In reading the fourth and final verse of Thinking by Walter D Wintle I’m reminded of two stories which I remember from childhood, The Little Engine that Could and The Tortoise and the Hare. We may think of these as children’s books and they are but they are also adult’s books and we should we them to ourselves once in a while to be reminded of, and to use the wisdom of the pages. We can also read stories of great battles won and lost, either real battles fought or those battles that we all have and must conquer in the social, emotional, physical, recreational and financial areas of life.

The Little Engine that Could (you can download a free pdf* at my webpage and read it to yourself and the children in your life) is a marvelous story of hope and victory.

I just took a moment to read it again, using emphasis of the words as if I were reading it for the first time and to my children as I remember doing when they were growing up. I must confess that this sentimental being had tears in my eyes when I finished. My eyes watered because I know of people who act like the indignant engines who say “no” today when they could easily help those in need and because I am deeply moved by others who think they are unworthy, who think that they do not have what it takes in talents and skills but give it their best shot and later rejoice with those who are involved in being victorious; just as the little engine and the toys in the story!

Then we read about the Tortoise and the Hare. (You can get a free pdf* of this also at my webpage). The story speaks of persistent and consistent effort and although a runner may not be the fastest (or strongest), he (or she) who stays in the race (and also thinks they can; thinks they can) will ultimately “win” the race!

Thinking by Walter D Wintle

Verse 4 of 4

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins

There are plenty of "successful" people who have achieved their successes later in life. Most people know about the Colonel of the KFC  chain, and Grandma Moses. Sometimes I wonder if I've achieved my success later in life because I read and knew about these late in life achievers; maybe I should have read more "early earners" success stories! 

Regardless your age; young or younger, I suggest that you heed the wisdom in the two children/adult stories I shared today and remember that the person who wins is truly the man or woman who THINKS THEY CAN! 

Ter Scott! 
Attainment Coach

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*Note that the pdf may not yet be available at time of this initial writing. Please allow time for the author to do this and return later to get the links. 

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