What would you do with $3,850?

How many times have you passed the lottery billboard that asks, "What's Your Dream"? 
Have you ever calculated how you would "use" the 180 Million Dollars you'd win? (Or whatever the figure is on the board that day?) One reason why someone doesn't have money come to them is because they are not "ready" for it. If that someone were to win the $180 Million Dollars it would soon vanish because they did not have a "need" for it. Does this make sense to you? 

Secondly, some people do not respond to an opportunity when they see one. It's too good to be true and guess what, then it isn't; at least it isn't for them! 

Take a moment now and write down the figure: $3,850. Pretend for a time that figure is what is in your checking account. Now list the bills you'd pay off, the money you'd set aside for the vacation, the gifts you want to give, etc. In my seminars I ask people to do this with $100,000 but here I want you to imagine you have $3,850 dollars that is all yours and that it comes to you every three months.... how would that change your lifestyle? 

It definitely is real, and attainable. If interested to find out more, click on the picture above. You'll be taken to my web page that shows you more information. Don't worry, if you are interested you can't get in; at least immediately. There is a waiting list as I can only work with a few people at a time. But I encourage you to get the details and get on the list! 

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