Free Year at a Glance BE DO HAVE Calendar.

I have a free gift for my readers. The holiday season is in full swing as I write this. Soon, it will be January one and most of us will have the urge to create goals and make at least some effort to attain them. Well, I want you to create goals that you truly desire and indeed attain them.

I present to you the "Be Do Have Calendar". This is the start of a complete program that I will soon offer but for now, you have the basis of the system. It's a year at a glance calendar that you can use to refer to often for your 90 day, 6 month or 12 months goals.

You may know that before you can "have" anything, you must "do" something and to "do" something you must "be" something; so the order is: Be, Do, and Have, but you need to first list things and think things in reverse (Have, Do, Be) , and then go forward (Be, Do, and Have) to attain. As I said, I'll cover more of this in the "system" later when I'm done creating it. I was so excited that I wanted to share this with you so you could start using it and share your feedback in the comments below.

Here's how it works, briefly.

There is a Year-at-a-Glance calendar on the right side and space on the left side for you to write.

Give some time to what it is that you want to have and then list it. If you have several things you'd like to have, try to keep it to a maximum of three things. (You may want to check the list of the "Major 8" listed at the top of this blog as what you want might be a better relationship, more respect or money).Be as specific as you can when listing your want.

Next, list what you will need to do to "have" these things or to have them realized.  Again, be as specific as possible.

Finally, what do you need to be to "do" and "have" this all come about.

Here's a very quick and simple illustration.

You desire a new or better car. This is your "have"; list it.
To realize this your know you need to get another or better paying job. This is your "do"; list this (or several things).
To work more hours you really need to have the desire to work more and longer hours, you need to eat better to have the energy, you need to sleep more and lower your stress level, you need to believe in yourself. These are the things you need to "be"; list these things.

This is a very simple illustration and you can use this for anything that you want to attain. If you'd like, circle a date on the calendar as your deadline. You can use the grey 3 sided border to trim the BE DO HAVE CALENDAR to fit into an 8 x 10 frame. Download this free at:

Look at this as often as possible during the day to attain your "have".

Try this, it works! Then leave your comments below as to how this helped you. Be watching for the full blown version coming out soon. (If you've not registered to "follow by email" on this page you may consider doing so to not miss out on these articles). I will also be setting up a type of "think tank" or "advisory board" of members who I will run different ideas by before releasing them, plus there will be other perks, etc. Be watching for that announcement too.

Get your free BE DO HAVE Calendar by clicking here! 

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