Rule 4: Be Careful In Sharing Your Secrets...

November 23rd, 2010
In past discussions, I spoke about rule 1, stating how important it is to find a “quiet place” and choosing one or several of the 8 desires most people. Our second discussion was about making a “mental picture” of these wants and desires. Last time we discussed how we need to choose wisely in what we want to attain for ourselves and not what others want for us. Today, we will discuss the fourth “secret” rule for attainment which is to keep our success plans to ourselves and/or only to those close to us.
There are many reasons why it is important to keep your goals and desires to yourself, at least until you start to attain some of them and experience success. When you “own” your goals and desires and take responsibility for them, you and you alone, control the outcome. It is and always will be your responsibility to act and make it happen. Others knowing your goals and desires usually will not expedite the arrival of your goals and dreams but opens them up to criticism and scrutiny and dilutes the concentration element so necessary for attainment. Seeking advice is fine, but ultimately it comes down to this: this is your job! Most often others do not and cannot understand what you desire as only you can.
Remember that ideas, goals, etc. first start in the mind of the conceiver, believer, and achiever. They need to be nurtured and protected from unnecessary winds of doubt. To attain your desire, you may have to move mountains as it is, so why put up needless obstacles?
Part of bringing your desire into existence is to “speak it”. When you say “I Am a Magnet” for example, your words are “heard” by your subconscious and after many times, you believe it and you “attract” things and the conditions that are right for attaining it.
Right now, ask yourself what do you do for a living (income)? If I were to ask most people, without hesitation they would respond with “I am a doctor, I am a mechanic, teacher”, etc. Now if you responded with “I Am a Magnet”, they would think that you have the mind of someone still in elementary school, just as if you had said: “I’m a little teapot”. (In a sense you are in “elementary” school; the school of attainment!)
Can you now begin to understand what happens by revealing your dream(s) and invoke a response by someone else? Is it negative or positive; good or bad, productive or destructive? Would their response move you closer to your goal or farther away?
If your dream is to be a real estate investor for example, and you have not purchased your first house, and/or have not sold your first house yet (which in your mind and the mind of others is the “definition” of what makes a real estate investor) and you answered with: “I’m a real estate investor”, they may think that you are “bananas” just as if you stated that you are a magnet, or a teapot! Who needs this?
However, if you have a few close friends or partners who answer with positive responses such as “that’s cool”, “you can do it”, etc. then go ahead and share your dreams and goals but still, it's best not to reveal "all" and know that it is up to you to make it happen!
The universe is always working to bring circumstances about or to dismiss it as something you really don’t want. The more you say you desire something and act to these desires, you bring them about or you do not; again this is up to you. However, this I believe also holds true: when others agree with you in achieving your goals, this does expedite them into existence! But when others doubt the possibility of achievement (you'll never be a real estate investor, etc.), you just have more doubt and obstacles to deal with and, the universe gets mixed signals! It's easier to control your own thoughts and words than the thoughts and words of others. Put out postive affirmations, and not negative affirmations. If you cannot yet control your own thoughts, words and deeds in a positive manner that will hinder the creation of your desires, and are not strong enough to repel any negative from others, and can not counteract the  negativsm of others, keep these desires protected; keep them to yourself.
Know that you are ultimately responsible for attaining you desires and no one else. So, bring only those who you trust to promote these desires into your confidence. You and any others must share the same dream or you will not only have your own thoughts and doubts to get through, but that of others as well.
Go forth and do great things. Ter

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  1. 11/29 - Ter, I really enjoyed the post on "keeping a secret." At the same time reading the 4th Rule, a few bad memories quickly came to mind as I tried to share my thoughts or dreams. Not only were there the negative reinforcements but a few laughs at my exspense for "thinking outloud" or not keeping the secret. I am a magnet, and I will move mountains! Thank you again for sharing your insights and comments. My world is a better place and needs more of your positive attitude and the inspiration that is shared. Steve M.