Get quiet, meditate, then attain!

November 2, 2010
This week I’m discussing the first of the 10 Secret Rules for Attainment. (If you’ve not yet received your free copy of 10 Secret Rules for Attainment and the Bonus affirmation: “I Am a Magnet “posters do so now by going to: .
The very first of the 10 Secret Rules for Attainment is: Get quiet, and meditate.
Before I talk about getting quiet and meditating you need to know in your heart that all of the 8 desires that all people have not only can be yours, but they are yours… now, you simply need to accept them.  
But have you decided which of these eight you want to focus on? Eventually you probably want to attain all eight of these; to have a well-balanced and happy life. Perhaps right now you are ailing, not feeling well, or have a very serious health condition. When you get quiet and meditate about this situation, be sure to think and visualize the positive outcome of actually feeling and being better.
I remember one time; it's been about 20 years ago now, that I had a serious chainsaw accident to my face. My jaw was wired shut, and I had to eat my food through a straw. That meant eating things like Jell-O and soup. I can still remember my first meal that I actually enjoyed because I was able to chew it. Definitely we need to take the time to enjoy our food and also of course have good food to eat. Perhaps the enjoyment of food is something that you wish to attain; and that certainly has a lot to do with being in good health. Another thing that ties into all this is a restful night's sleep. Many people suffer from not being able to sleep. Perhaps they just have too much on her mind. Perhaps too much stress in their life. I encourage you, if this is the case, to take time to get quiet, and meditate. Think of positive things in your life. Have an attitude of gratitude. Take time to get off the fast paced merry-go-round in your life. Like it's been said: stop, and smell the roses!
Perhaps as many people are, you desire money. Many of us have this desire messed up. Some of us ask for money for all the wrong reasons. Some of us don't believe that we can have money, and some of us have so much money and we don't really know how to use it; money masters us instead of us being the master of money. This talk of money is an entry, or a complete seminar, in itself. And perhaps one of the eight might be just being able to enjoy your life, having a balance in life, and also living it in such a way that you leave a legacy after you are gone. Leaving a legacy doesn't always mean money, but it is also the example that you lead so that others who come after you can emulate that and also become a better person as well. And of course sexual gratification is one of the most important desires of a person. Who wants to be frustrated in any area of their life? And finally, not only feeling important, but yes being important and also having the respect that one should have. Every one of these desires again requires much thought. But what we all need to do is take time to meditate focusing on one or two of these desires to improve them and attain them in our life.
So how does one get quiet, and meditate? I know sometimes this is easier said than done. This will require discipline on your part. You may have to say no to some things in your life because of course there is only 24 hours in a day. Are you a morning person or a night person? Perhaps your quiet time may be just after you wake and you're lying in bed and you can spend perhaps 5 to 10 min., perhaps even more just lying there counting your blessings and thanking God with your attitude of gratitude for all the blessings that you have, before you start your day. Or perhaps nighttime is your quiet time just before you retire at night.
My quiet time is in the morning when the world itself seems a little quieter. I like to get up in the dark before the sunrise, get a cup of coffee and sit at my computer and meditate. Whatever your time that works best for you, it is a great time to Journal your thoughts in a notebook or perhaps on your computer in a word document so you can refer to this later and be inspired, and see the actual proof and evidence that you are succeeding in attaining your goals. This time of getting quiet and meditating has been used I people for centuries; people of all walks of life and even famous people. This is when inspiration and ideas come to you as well. Great thinkers have come up with solutions to situations, inventions, discoveries, and many of the great things that make the world a better place happened because one person took the time to get quiet and meditate. You too are great in your own way.
I wish you the very best of success. May you attain all of the desires that you wish. I’ll meet you here next week!
Make it a great day!
Ter Scott
PS. I wanted to share with you an instance in which Dale Carnegie, the author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” states in the same book how he takes one night per week to meditate and go over every contact with each person he has had in the prior week, going over each conversation and asking himself how it could have been made better. So, I went to the text to find it, and lo and behold, there in chapter 2, he speaks of these 8 desires! I would encourage you to purchase this book at your earliest convenience and read it. Forget that it was written in 1936; it’s principles are as timely as if it were written today!
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