7 Day Money Magnet System for just a buck (which goes to charity).

Attract Money within 7 Days with Money Magnet System

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Of all of the Major 8, it seems that money is usually the most sought after. Here is a system that I devised that will get you any amount of money (actually, you’ll need to “request” only what you need) within 7 days. This system does work when you work it! You may need to do this several times, and you may “not be ready” at this stage of your learning so it might not work or you may have some things in your life that need to be “cleansed” such as forgiveness, etc. that may be “clogging the conduit” between you and the source, but with repeated determination, this will work, I assure you.

I’m only asking you for a dollar in exchange for this system. When one receives something without an exchange, it usually is thought of as being “without worth”. The dollar (for this purchase) will be forwarded to a charity so I won’t be keeping the money. When you order you are also giving me permission to contact you with further offers unless you reply to an offer stating that you then want your name and email address removed.
ORDER the 7 Day Money Magnet System (one page pdf) using the PAYPAL button at the right. I'll send you the pdf page via email. It's only one buck and the buck will go to a charity.

This system is certainly worth far more than a dollar as you’ll be able to request and gain $500, $1000, $5000 etc. as you need it. You’ll receive by return email a pdf page that list the instructions and includes 3 blank checks for you to endorse and use (that you withdraw from the Universal Bank of Prosperity). Save the pdf on your computer so you can print as many as you would like, when you like. And you can feel free to print them and give them away to others if you’d like.

Over time I will discuss this in upcoming blog posts and will eventually add more to the system to make it into a larger product for others so I would gladly accept any feedback, , experiences, and results you have when using the 7 Day Money Magnet System.

Make it a great day!

Terrific. Engergizing. Results!

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