Dean Graziosi: What is on your NOT TO DO list?

Most readers here, I'm sure,  know about my "attraction" to lists. But here's one thing I learned (or was reminded of my one of my mentor's Dean Graziosi about a list we probably don't think of, the NOT TO DO list!

Today write out 3 things that you need to have on your NOT TO DO list. Then leave them in the comments section and/or tell us what you did NOT do and how it improved your day, week, month or year!

If you like the idea of doing a quick daily "task" which can improve your life, I encourage you to check out Dean's 30 Day Challenge; it's fun and I'm at Day 15 today!Click here to check it out. 

ANYONE UP FOR A CHALLENGE? Join me to make 2017 better for all: 
Why are challengers important?
Part of living a better for yourself is being surrounded by others who are also living fulfilled lives. So not only are you encouraging others to make positive developments in their own lives, but it also can assist you in your own development. For the purpose of this challenge it also serves another purpose... accountability and competition. When you are doing an activity as group it is easier to stay accountable and a little friendly competition to see who can get the high score never hurt anyone. CLICK ON LINK:

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