Am I Lazy? (Be honest and get a FREE book).

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Here's a serious question for anyone to answer if they want to become successful; "Am I lazy?"

Here's another, "Do I follow through?"

And, "Do I do a complete job?"

Here's why I ask these 3 questions. Yesterday I posted an "assignment" here and I know there are a lot of people who stop by and read this blog. No one posted anything. I also promoted it in a few of my Facebook pages and, well, some did some of the "assignment".

Success will continue to be elusive to those who do not do the work. Whatever success is to you; a better job, more money, a better house, car or vacation - it will not happen until the work gets done. It doesn't have to be "hard" work, it doesn't have to be a "chore" but it does need to get done.

The assignment I shared yesterday (you can see it here) isn't "the assignment" of all time, the end all of "assignments", but it does show just how "lazy" people can be.

Would you be better if you wrote down 5 things that you are "good" at?
Would you make someone's day by telling them just one thing that they are good at?

If you've answered "yes" to both questions, consider doing the assignment (visit here) and let us know how things went. I'm sure you'll find that "good" happened!

Here's an "ethical" bribe as my friend Dean G says. Do the assignment, leave a comment and then CLICK HERE to download a FREE eBook:

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