How can I Visualize? With all Five Senses!

Visualize; see your desire as being here now. “Visualize with all five senses”.

So we’ve covered a few steps in 10 Steps to Manifest Anything With Ease. The next step for you to attain your desire is to visualize. If you would like to see the blog posts and comments by readers of the previous chapters, click here. Otherwise, let’s talk about visualizing your biggest desire!

You could take an entire course or coaching in visualization as there has been so much attention given to it over the centuries. My wish for you is to do your own research and learn what you can about it in your own way. You must know by now that my way of coaching is not to provide a set track or rules on exactly how to “find your way”. I am encouraging you to move forward and to seek and find certain things upon your journey; tools which you can adapt to your needs plus gems, things, and events along your path which only you can find and attach meaning to. When you find a hammer, for instance, you’ll know what to do with it. When you find a gemstone, you’ll know exactly what is means to you and for you. So, please do your own research about visualization; after I share something which no other coach (at least to my knowledge) will tell you about visualization: visualize with all of your senses!

If you just got a shiver up your spine or some type of sensation when you read those words, then you are vibrating on the same wavelength as your teacher (yours truly). I am very excited to present this “revelation” to you and I know that it will be life-changing and will help you visualize in a much deeper way.

When coaches explain and teach visualization they teach you to use your eyes, your mind’s eye, your “image” ination, etc. I want you to do all of that but to use all of your senses!

As a public speaker (and having been a trainer to speakers) I would visualize (and teach others to) visualize themselves walking to the lectern (standing on the podium) and delivering an awesome speech. There is more detail to this that I won’t go into, but I used the technique to place myself into the “future” place and time of giving the presentation and then taking note of the things I would need to accomplish the event and wrote them down so I would be sure to take them with me!

When you have an event in your future that you want to do well at, or change and control the outcome, you can visualize it in the same way. I will use my speaking scenario as my example to show you how and use all five of my natural senses to do so.

I am speaking at a specific date and time and see me walking to the lectern, a calendar on the lectern with the date and a clock on the wall with the time. I also see a large audience with smiling faces. I hear the applause as I am introduced. I feel the hard floor beneath my shoes as I walk and step up on the podium. I smell the remaining waft of the roast beef of the meal just enjoyed by everyone mixed now with the fragrance of White Diamonds (a favorite of a past girlfriend; hey it’s my imagination here!) of the women who in introducing me. Plus I taste the mostly dissolved mint I placed in my mouth just before coming on stage. I am ready!

In my “visualization” I saw, I heard, I felt, I smelled and I even tasted! All of this was visualized in my mind.

Practice visualizing small things such as having coffee with someone and “imagine” what the person will say to you.

Visualize a check coming to you in the mail, someone handing you money, and finding money. Then when you get a check in the mail, a clerk gives you change, and you find a penny on the ground, rejoice; your visualization came true. By doing this, it will happen over and over!

Be sure to return because we still have much more to cover:

Send out your desire. Write a letter to your angel, God and/or the Universe.
Expect your desire.
Look for your desire.
Let go and let grow.
Accept your desire.
Share your desire. 

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