Greed; Definition in your life.

There really is “no need for greed” in your life.
I was reading Answers from the Cosmos and thought a bit more about this. (That’s exactly the purpose of the Daily Dose of the Cosmos; to get us thinking about the short daily messages presented).

What is “greed” anyway; let’s look at the definition:
excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.

There you are, we search for new meaning and find another word to learn; “rapacious” add it to your conversation today and your vocabulary tomorrow (but don’t become it or use it in your own life). It means: given to seizing for plunder or the satisfaction of greed.

You and I do not need to have an “excessive” desire because first our desires are “natural” and meant for us. So if we are seeking what we desire, no amount of our seeking can be “excessive”. Others may think so, but if our desire is meant to be, which it is because it fulfills our purpose, pursuing it with “white heat” cannot even be considered “excessive”.

And because what we desire has been placed in our heart by our maker, pursuing it is not “greed” or “excessive”; it is our passion and destiny. So there is no greed, and no reason for greed because when seeking what we desire, we need to know that it is out there, meant for us to achieve and realize it and that it is also ready and waiting for us, and actually seeking us; your desire is waiting for you!

Don’t force it, don’t desire what others have, seek your own desire without greed but with passion! 

Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach

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