3 Attainment Steps and 15 Minute Manifesting

Finally, attain what you want and as much as you want (easily and often)!

I like to keep things simple. This is a technique which I use and offer to my clients. Now you don’t have to see me in person, or email me. It’s all here. Take a few moments and enjoy this process. (The video is about a half hour or so, so make time to watch that when you can).

Take out a sheet of paper and a pen. Choose your favorite pen if you have one. This works best when you put pen to paper instead of typing it or just saying it. Get it out of your head and on paper. The power is in you transferring your thoughts from your mind on to the pen and paper.

First write what you want; be specific and please keep it to just 3 things for now.

Place a circle around your #1 want; remember too that you don’t “need” this; the Universe doesn’t help “needy” people. (Sorry, there is no time to explain that. If you don’t accept that please read my other articles here. For now, please just accept this and move on with this attainment process).

Now determine a bit about yourself, who you are and what you like doing the most. These are your things that you would do if you were on vacation, if you didn’t have to work for money because you won money; the lottery or the Publishers Clearing House and are getting paid weekly without having to go to work. Write down who you are after I AM below and a few sentences after I love to do below:


I love to do:

That’s it. Those are your three steps. The answer is in this video. Now, watch this video to see who and what you are and how this relates exactly to what it is that you want. CLICK HERE after you have watchedthe video for my personal coaching offer which is FREE to the first 100 people who reply; but not "cheating". Watch the video first and then CLICK HERE

By the way, when you've done the 3 steps; actually taken out a sheet of paper, spending time to really think on this and writing down your thoughts... congrats, you are one of the 3% of people who follow through and make things happen; manifesting things in your life the way you want them to be instead of hoping and wishing! If you are reading this and you haven't done the 3 steps above, don't "beat yourself up"; just go back to step ONE above and do the steps! 

Best of success to you and I look forward to meeting you someday as our journeys cross!

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!
Life & Legacy Coach™

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