Manifesting Definition and Defining your Desires.

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      OK, now for today's Part 2 of 10 Steps to Manifesting Whatever it is that you want. 

      Define your desire.
In our first session, we discussed how you can “determine” your desire. CLICK HERE to review and please answer the questions if you’ve not done so. Here we’ll discuss how to define your desire.

There is much more to ponder and do in this segment that I won’t discuss because part of your journey is coming up with the answers yourself. Your obstacles and victories to attain your desire will be so much different than anyone else. That’s what I think makes life interesting and fun; no two people are the same, no two desires are the same and no two people’s journeys are the same; similar maybe, but never the same!

In keeping with the Johnny Cash scenario from our first segment, let’s say that your desire is to be a songwriter and to perform them. Today it is so easy to get help. You can do a Google search, “how to become a songwriter” and you’ll see many “thoughts” on the subject. I say “thoughts” because they are just that; thoughts. Nothing is concrete, and as I already mentioned your path will be different than others. But you can get ideas; especially from those who have already traveled that road.

This brings me to “coaches”. Search out those who have already done and know what you want to do and know. Pay them. Work and save up to pay them again. This is how I learned to play the guitar. As a country kid without money, I would make hay for the farmers and use part of my money to pay for my lessons. When the money ran out, the lessons had to stop but I saved money and took lessons again. Soon, I was teaching guitar lessons! This same principle works at any stage of life and for anything you want to learn.
You’ll also want to identify (define) possible obstacles before they show up or you’ll learn them as they come your way; they always will. It’s just nice sometimes to be prepared. Identify (define) the steps required (or that you think or that your coach thinks are required).

How does define your desire?
Copy and paste a few tips in a Word document that you found by those who have achieved your desire.
Do a Google search for coaches who offer coaching or lessons in whatever it is that you desire. Copy and paste these in a Word Doc for future reference and consideration.

List a few comments or questions you have in the comments section below and please remember if you like this article, please use the social media button below to share!

After defining your desire, your goals, steps and possible obstacles for its attainment you’ll want to boost your belief that you surely can and will attain it. We’ll talk about that next!

Future topics:
2.       Believe your desire is possible.
3.       Visualize; see your desire as being here now. “Visualize with all five senses”.
4.       Send out your desire. Write a letter to your angel, God and/or the Universe.
5.       Expect your desire.
6.       Look for your desire.
7.       Let go and let grow.
8.       Accept your desire.

9.       Share your desire. 

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