What am I good at?

Today’s Assignment from the Cosmos:

1.       List 5 things that you are good at.
2.       Ask someone (who knows you), what are two things
that they think that you are good at. (Are they on your list?)
3.       Compliment 3 people today by telling them 1 thing that they are good at doing.

Then do at least one thing from your list of 5 things today.

Ter Scott, Life & Legacy Coach

I joined "The Better Life" Challenge! It's a 30 day challenge designed to literally allow you to live "The Better Life" by doing quick but insightful daily challenges. I really hope you will join me.

This is what "Day 8" looks like for me; which inspired this post: 

Finally a challenge uniquely designed to fit into your busy life. In as little as three minutes a day you will finally make those small shifts needed to reach your next level of income, health and happiness. Watch the video below on how it works and how you could win killer prizes, even a Tesla Model S P85D. Dean Graziosi 

You can sign up here

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