Does this stuff work?

Many times I’m asked questions such as “Does this stuff work” or loudly exclaimed at: “I don’t believe in that (fill in your own expletive here).

Like anything in life, “it works, when you do”. In this material, like the story of the horse at the watering hole, I can lead you to the water, but I can’t make you drink. Today I was reading something by author and instructor Skip Press (yes that’s his real name) who teaches others how to write, and succeed at their writing. I will share a tip he gives to those who dare to drink, here it is:
“Lastly, write out a short statement of what you want to achieve at a specific point in the future and try to read it out loud to your self at the same time each day. This is called an “affirmation” and was codified in the works of Orison Swett Marden, the founder of Success magazine and the originator of the American self-help movement. I have found that reciting a daily affirmation can have transformative results”.
You just read a confirmation of the results by one who has achieved fame as a writer of not only many works, but a variety of works. Speaking of “works”, believe me (and others who are using these principles daily to move ahead while others are not; perhaps you) this works.
Make it a great day!
PS. You can read about Skip at:

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