Think and Confess Good Health to Get Good Health

Recently two of my friends were speaking about getting older and most likely dying from or at least ailing from the same diseases their parents had. Alzheimer’s was the main condition spoke about in the conversation. Alzheimer’s is very devastating and very real in the lives of these people but I reminded them that just because a parent has a condition that it doesn’t mean that they will also have it. Yet they acted as if it was pretty much a “done deal”; that they too were “sentenced” to this same thing. Many times I hear: “My dad had a heart attack so I’ll have one” or “my dad died at 70 so I’ll die at 70” and so on.
My answer to you is that if your mom has Alzheimer’s that you will have Alzheimers IF you confess that you’ll have Alzheimer’s. You will die at 70 just like your dad died at 70 as long as you believe you’ll die at 70. We get what we say so unless you want these conditions, I strongly suggest that you say and live what you want.
Think about all the people who die at an old age in perfect health still doing something they love like climbing a mountain or those who die peacefully in their sleep? Certainly, there are plenty of these people even if you don’t hear about them.
Think and speak positively and confess good health and long life.

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