Start something bigger than you can control!

Start something bigger than you can control!
Here’s a great way to achieve anything; anything from the Major 8! Time ago when I created and coined the term “Major 8”, I never knew just how many people I would be helping. And of course when one helps others, ultimately they help themselves. So check out this video. Dean is one of my mentors in Real Estate, but you’ll find this information will work with anything that you do.
Now of course, this is about Real Estate but the principles will work for anything you want in life. Check out this video by one of my mentors, Dean Graziosi.
PURPOSE, WHY IMPORTANT, and IDEAL OUTCOME. Write these words down; yes, actually write these words down. OK, thank yourself for doing so. Now fill in the blanks. Watch the video so you can see what Dean is doing as it pertains to helping Real Estate Investors. It’s at:
Ask yourself these questions and fill in your own answers:
·         What specific thing do you want to accomplish?
·         What is the biggest difference this will make within your life?
·         What does this "thing" look like when successfully completed?
·         What are the success criteria that must be true when this is finished?
·         What is the best result you could expect if you take this action?
·         What is the worst result you could experience if you do not take action?

You can also get more great topics like this at:
That’s it for today. Know that now you have a strategy no matter what is happening around you.
Make it a great day!
Terrific. Energizing. Results!

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