Give Thanks in Advance

Perhaps as I write these words it is because we are in what is commonly called “the holiday season” that my mind seems set on giving thanks. I do give thanks every day, but I’m compelled to see evidence of giving thanks all around me and in the books I read, that I must share it with others.

In his book titled: Positive Imaging, Norman Vincent Peale shared something I’d like to pass on to my readers.

Peale states a three word phrase that intrigues me and I will continue to use it personally and in my seminars, workshops and trainings. He calls it the prayerize-visualize-actualize sequence. He is talking about giving thanks in advance of the results one is seeking.

Joseph Haydn created great musical pieces using this technique. Before he would compose any music, he would first “pray and thank God that it was accomplished”. Then he would compose. If it did not come to him, he would repeat the process, and it would!

Before going about your day, why not prayerize-visualize-actualize it into existence as many other people have done, down through history? Then report what happened to you in the comments section below.

Here’s today’s affirmation:

“I prayerize-visualize-actualize only good for myself and others. I especially visualize positive results in _________________ today”.  

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