10 Step Method to Attain your Goal this week

I always like to offer ways for my readers to “attain” whatever it is in life that they desire. Certainly there are many “systems” and “formulas” out there but remember, things do take time so stay with it. Keep your focus and use action; both in using the formula and also in the doing of what it is you want to attain.

For instance, the metaphor of a garden is a good one. When we plant a seed, you may have some success just letting nature (the creator) supply the sun and rain to make it grow. But when you add the action of removing the weeds, and tilling the soil, and yes, even “talking” to it, you reap a bigger harvest. In the same way, you will be blessed (have some success) financially by simply “planting the seed”, but you’ll reap a bigger harvest financially when you tithe and gift money to others. That lesson is for another time.

Here I want to share a “system” to attain. It’s a 10-step method to use to make decisions, get guidance in your attaining whatever it is you want, and to get confirmation that you are doing the right thing. This is something I’ve adapted from one of my mentors, Harold Hill. (Please note that I’m not insinuating that Mr. Hill shares my opinion or teachings; just that I borrow from his ideas and thoughts. Basically I’m stating that he probably doesn’t know I even exist and that I’m not “speaking for him”). If you’d like to learn from him, I have a list of his books that have inspired me at the right of this article.

His version uses actual quotes from what he calls “the Manufacturer’s Handbook” and is found in his book: The Money Book for King’s Kids (available from the list shown at the right>) on page 146.

Here is my 10 Step Adaptation:

1.    Wrap everything in praise and turn it over to the creator who is in charge of all results. Thank him in advance for the harvest you expect.

2.    Refuse to let “appearances” get you off focus; persist.

3.    Trust that you have made the right decision, and push forward.

4.    Continue being grateful and praise God for the results that are in the process of being realized.

5.    Learn to hear the voice of God, and actually listen! Ask for instructions, listen and be sure to carry them out. Don’t do this and you’ll may not “receive” this or any future attaining of anything.

6.    Don’t ask others about this after you’ve already asked the “man at the top”. There is no need for any other source than the creator. Wait for confirmation.

7.    Stop doubting that God has spoken to you when you get the confirmation. God is real, and real is the first word in “realization”.

8.    When you get the guidance you are seeking, act quickly. ACT!

9.    Ask God to block all wrong paths, open all the right paths to get you to the correct goal.

10. Harold Hill uses this and states that the origin is unknown. I too, cannot rephrase it any better: “Lord, make me as holy as You can make a sinner saved by grace”.

Why not try this 10-Step Attainment/Decision making process this week and share with me (and other readers) your results.

Make it a great day!

Terrific. Energizing. Results!

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