Relax to Realization

In our next sessions together, I will discuss 8 steps to attainment. It involves first, to simply “relax”. No one can “attain” good results in anything when they are stressed about the things they don’t want. I will first present ways to relax, and “let go”, followed by cleansing, protecting, decreeing, obtaining, concentrating and meditating, creating silence, and finally realizing.

This is all much like calling a friend you know by phone using all the numbers but when you don’t include one or have the numbers in the wrong order, you’ll either reach the wrong person or no one at all.

So return soon as I’ll be back with the first topic of relaxing.

For today, here is your affirmation to get you prepared.

“I pray free of stress, expecting good, using a light and easy touch about this and any situation in my life”.

Make it a great day!

Terrific. Energizing. Results

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