Don't Worry about Tomorrow; Be Strong Today

Right now, as I write, it is the Holiday Season, and being so you'd think everyone would be like the phrase I saw recently, to "smile and bee happy". But people (and  sometimes yours truly) can have their cares and stresses. This will always be; we are on a journey. Every day brings different events which gives opportunity for decision. Anytime and every time this occurs, we may dwell on it too long and we become stressed. Make your decisions quickly and move ahead.

Also, don't let others and things that you can't control (like the weather, at least for now until someone invents something) to stress you. Take an umbrella and take it in stride.

When we are moving ahead, attaining our goals, when we set "tough" but achievable goals, we can sometimes feel the "friction" of stress because we place ourselves in new environments where we've never been and not known. This is fine, stretch yourself. You'll live through it and become better and stronger for it.

This past year I stretched myself like never before and am "feeling" the discomfort of the birthing pains of some great successes for the new year. I know that I will see the fruits of my labor!

Set those goals and achieve your dreams.

"I don't worry about tomorrow. I am strong for today". - Ter Scott

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!

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