Create your own money...

Probably the most desired of the Major 8 is financial independence; dependence from money worries, job stress, more free time to do as you wish and more. To do this, one needs to condition the mind to accept larger sums of money in their life. Everyone gets used to a set “zone” of the size of house, car, job, etc. they feel they can achieve; a type of comfort zone if you will.
One way to condition and expand the mind into accepting larger amounts of money coming in is to build “money awareness”. I like to photocopy money (which is legal as long as it’s reproduced either larger or smaller than the actual bill, and to be on the safe side, you can certainly reproduce in black and white vs. color) for this exercise but you can also simply cut from any sheet of paper, newsprint for example and write label the denomination of the bill on it with marker.
So cut out bills in the size of a regular bill, label each with $100,000 and stack enough to reach your desired goal; say $1,000,000. If you want, you can start small by labeling each with $100 or $1000 and reach a different money goal. Also, carry at least $5000 of these bills in your pocket at all times. Pull them out and look at them when you have a free moment.
Make it a great day!
Terrific. Energizing. Results!

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