Hello. Here I am again!
Believe me, I know all about “ghost blogs” and I certainly don’t want this to become one of them. Because this “attainment rules” stuff actually works, I’m usually busy reaping the benefits and away from the computer. Remember that anytime to “miss” me, leave me a comment and it will get to me and I’ll get right back to you (and the other readers). Also, at the right of this page, you may now sign up as a “follower” which means that you’ll be notified when I post a new article; like this one.
Remember those bumper stickers that read “Have You Hugged Your Kid today?” I also saw one that was funny which showed a cartoon character that appeared “fried to the crisp” that asked: “Have You Hugged Your Woodstove Today?” Well here’s a new one: “Have You Given Something (of Yourself) Away Today?”
I’ve talked before about how we need to “plant seeds” first to then “expect” and later “harvest”. One way to plant those seeds is to give something away. Usually we think that we need money; it’s usually the first that comes to mind. OK, then to get more money, you need to give more money. Give yourself money by using the proven millionaire’s technique of paying yourself first; usually 10% or start with 5% and work up to 10%. So you “give” yourself money from your pay check or other income stream. Here’s another universal law: When you want and need more “time” give time away. Try the same with “happiness”; make someone else happy. Give away food, smiles, work, etc. Right now someone reading this is unemployed and has been for months. It seems that a job is no where in sight. To this reader I say: “Go and work”; give your labor away. You could either volunteer to work for a prospective employer for free (you work out the legal details if any), or simply “work” by mowing your neighbor’s lawn, or shoveling his or her sidewalk if it’s winter. Just Give! (Hey, maybe that’s another good bumper sticker).
Recently I bought a small case of those frozen and unbaked crescent rolls because the price was right. There are four other “single guys” in the building I live. I could not eat all of this, so I hit on the idea of giving it all away; to these four guys. Now, guys are usually very proud and don’t like to take things without paying, etc. etc. So I had to figure out my “presentation”. With the case of bread in one hand I knocked on a door and stated: “Hey, I got a deal on this and I can’t eat all of it; would you like some?” I did this at all four doors, found each at home (which is not typical because they all have different schedules, so I’m glad that I acted immediately on my thought) and each accepted the “gift” graciously; a few even stated: “God bless you”!
The return to me was more room in my refrigerator, a few grateful smiles, and thinking back, I was directly blessed “in kind” because my girlfriend who bakes bread gave me some freshly baked bread when I visited her recently.
Start to practice the act of being generous and unselfish today. Remember that when one’s hand in closed doesn’t give anything to the world; but not being open, it also can not receive.
Make it a great day!
Terrific. Energizing. Results!

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