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Here’s more about Writing Your Wish list and Affirmations Correctly
We Continue your “Wish List”

The next area of the Major 8 is: Enjoyment of Food.

For some this may seem so simple or not worth taking the time to include in the Major 8. But let me ask you a few questions? Have you ever been hungry? Have you ever fasted for a few days? Have you ever had a condition or situation where you were unable to eat solid foods for days and then you were able to? Do you take time to enjoy your food or does your hurried schedule have you running so fast that food to you is just something you have to do?

Years ago I had a chain saw accident to my face. I won’t go into the details just now, but my jaw was wired shut for a full week and I “ate” through a straw as I could not chew anything. Although that was over 20 years ago, I can tell you today that I enjoyed the wonderful taste of my first real meal of Swedish meatballs in gravy on mashed potatoes on the Sunday when I could finally eat solid food again.  I truly try to give thanks daily and express my appreciation for all things. In my book: Pearls of Prosperity” (A great selling Kindle Book on I share a morning and evening ritual to express one’s gratitude. Part of the ritual is showing appreciation for tasting food and anything that “comes in” to me and my body in expectancy before I start the day, and then at night I give thanks for what did “come in” to my life, specifically my food. Remember an attitude of gratitude brings you more in your life to be grateful for. You may consider getting Pearls of Prosperity and following the morning and evening ritual; you’ll see results in just 7 days.

A few ideas for wishes under “Enjoyment of Food” might be: “I am grateful for food and am the ideal weight”. “I eat only the right foods to nourish my body and feel great”. “I eat at the finest restaurants” “I enjoy eating at my favorite restaurant one time a month”.

Don’t miss how I explain the correct way to list your wishes and then the process for submitting them to Infinite Intelligence for attainment as I continue this process in future posts. If you’d like the complete system (which offers more detail), consider purchasing my Kindle Book on Amazon for $4.99* called: Attainment Revelation Celebration Day; How to Create Your Own Special Holiday to Manage and Measure Your Attainment Results! (The price may be slightly higher or lower depending on certain marketing variables depending on when you are reading this).

The book is priced at $4.99 for only a limited time. We will continue to do market tests and we will raise the price to 7.99, then 9.99 and continue in increments all the way to $29.99 and may eventually remove it from Amazon and market it via other methods.

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