Wishing With Expectancy; the Process

PART 1 of 3: Wishing with Expectancy

Here’s an exercise to improve your “expectancy”, which is really “planning” having results (and the realization of your hopes, dreams, and wishes) in mind. By now you may know that I’m all about writing your thoughts down, using a calendar and managing the Major 8. It’s been said that goals are dreams with dates. So, we’ll take your dreams from each of the Major 8, put a date on them, expect them to happen, and when they do, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of them and make right choices when they do.

Under each of the Major 8 headings, place your “wish” and the date you desire it to be realized. You’ll know what “feels” right as far as the “need” and “how much” and choose a date that makes sense to you in that for instance, if your relative has a birthday celebration coming up and you’d like to do something special, maybe you’ll need a car, time off or money to do this; be sure that your chosen date is sometime before the birthday. But don’t sweat this, just have “fun” with it, let it “come to you” when you put your thoughts on paper or a calendar. Use pencil at first so you can erase it, but then when you are certain, place it on your yearly calendar in pen. Make it permanent!

So again, here are the Major 8: Learn the 10 Secret Rules for Attaining "the Major 8": good health, enjoyment of food, a restful night’s sleep, money, life and a legacy, sexual gratification, well being of your children and those you love, and a feeling of importance. You may request a copy of “My Major 8 Wish List” that you can save on your computer and print every time that you want to do this, on my contact page: www.terscott.com/contact. It’s free of course. It lists each of the Major 8 with a space to write in your wish and the date you desire it to be realized. I encourage you to write the dates on a calendar that you use for your personal “wish” calendar.

Let’s imagine that you have a vacation in Hawaii coming up (this is planned, you know it is happening; it’s paid for etc. Realize though that even this came about from some past desire and choice made on your part). You want to look great in swim wear. Under the first heading, good health, you desire to eat right, perhaps you desire a membership at a local gym but you don’t have the time, or money to put toward this. Write it down along with a date for its realization well before your Hawaiian trip and move on to the second of the Major 8, enjoyment of food.

Under “enjoyment of food” you may have a big, little or no wish, but write something. How about spending one lunch each week with a different friend or business acquaintance? When you write something like this, you may find people calling you and asking you to join them for lunch; this works, try it!

I won’t cover all 8 here, so let me jump ahead to 7 which is the well being of your children and those you love. Give this some thought. Here you could think about having money for their healthcare, clothes, and college all set. I think also that having you present in their lives has a lot to do with their “well being”. Many times the year goes by and we think where did the time go? You will not have those vacations and time with loved ones unless you plan it. But this takes money, time off from work, transportation, and more. OK, plan it with expectation. You want to spend time with your children or grandchildren. Plan a Disney vacation or a cruise! Think big. They don’t need to know that this is your desire. Place your wish and a date on your calendar to have all in place to be able to book your vacation where you want and then get your kids schedule to work, and bam! You are doing it.

Try this exercise. Contact me and ask for the “My Major 8 Wish List” (ask for it by title at www.terscott.com/contact) or make your own. Get a calendar and plan and manage your “expectancy”. You and I have wishes that are about to come true, everyday! Let’s bring our umbrellas, and set the table to be ready for them when they come to realization, so we can take full advantage of them. 

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