Here are two stories about expectancy

PART 2 of 3: Wishing with Expectancy

Do we really “expect” the things and wishes that we desire to come about, or do we half heartedly say something like “yeah, I’d like that” and never give it another thought or use the process of “Ask, Believe and Receive”?

Two quick stories come to mind. A pastor of a small farm town, which was facing a severe drought, scheduled a special prayer meeting to pray for rain which was badly needed to grow their crops which impacted every facet of their livelihood. The church was packed by hopeful town’s people. Most were hopeful yes; but not expecting. The pastor looked out over his pulpit and said that if you were coming here to pray for rain, why did only a few of you bring umbrellas?

The second is from a book of true stories that built my faith as a child. It’s of an almost unbelievable account of a mom with children who had no money and no food that had their prayers answered quickly. I don’t remember all of the details but they prayed for food and then set the table! Now that is faith and real expectancy. And yes, it happened; someone came by with a precooked meal which was enough for all. The person who delivered the food had an abundance, felt the “call” to share, and as I remember, they were surprised when the stopped by, to see that the table had been set and the expectant children all in their chairs ready to partake, as if like today they had ordered delivery service. 

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