Set Aside your Special Attainment Day to Reflect and Project

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Your Special Holiday

First choose a special day of significance in your life to start this attainment tradition. This will be your Attainment Revelation Celebration Day. It could be your birth date, a holiday such as New Years, a wedding date, etc. Just be sure it holds a positive meaning to you. You will revisit it each year and spend some significant “alone time” each year on this date.

Take a sheet of paper and write: “On my next Revelation Celebration I will have attained these things”: Then list the Major 8 categories, allowing enough space after each to write in your wishes (for yourself and others close to you) under each heading.

Don’t miss how I explain the correct way to list your wishes and then the process for submitting them to Infinite Intelligence for attainment as I continue this process in future posts. If you’d like the complete system (which offers more detail), consider purchasing my Kindle Book on Amazon for $4.99* called: Attainment Revelation Celebration Day; How to Create Your Own Special Holiday to Manage and Measure Your Attainment Results! (The price may be slightly higher or lower depending on certain marketing variables depending on when you are reading this).

The book is priced at $4.99 for only a limited time. We will continue to do market tests and we will raise the price to 7.99, then 9.99 and continue in increments all the way to $29.99 and may eventually remove it from Amazon and market it via other methods.

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