Setting out Fleece for making choices

Setting out Fleece Part 2

Earlier I spoke about why we should set out our own “fleece” ( here I will explain the why and how.

Unlike Gideon who was already told exactly what to do, have you, in your situation, heard the voice of God saying that you definitely must go and have victory over the Midianites of your job career? If not, I’m thinking that it’s OK to “set out the fleece” to use it as an indicator as to whether or not you should continue one way or another when making decisions. But, when you do get a clear answer, then go with it. Do not continue to be a “doubting Thomas”; you’ve got your answer, now go forth!

First ask yourself what your “fleece” would be. You may be already getting confirmations all around you as you go throughout your day, but you are not “seeing” them.  (In my Best Selling Kindle Book: Pearls of Prosperity, I point out how I start each day with a morning ritual which in part has me asking that I not only “see”, but that I “observe”).

Your fleece could be something as simple as saying that, “OK, if my boss asks me to work this weekend (after you’ve never worked weekends for months), I will take this as a sign that I should take the other job”. Is this kind of scary or what??? Oh yeah!!! Also be sure to put a deadline on it like Gideon did, he didn’t wait a week for an answer, it was the next morning.

Here’s the interesting part; you will get an answer and sometimes it’s “over the top”. Your boss walks out of her office and to your desk and explains something like: “I know we haven’t had to have people work overtime for a while, but I could really use you to work the next four weekends”. Wow, she is asking for four weekends; not just for one.

Sometimes just how fast and to the point this happens, will startle you. You mean it really works? Yes. Now be “observant” and you’ll see circumstances which happen that confirm this is the right decision. Things such as your landlord tells you of a rent increase happening soon, you find out that a friend just moved to the area that you will be going, someone wants to buy your second vehicle which you won’t need at the new location could all indicate that you need to move forward.

Now you’ve got your answer and keep your word. Don’t waver; here is where you use your faith. Go to the job opportunity that is 1000 miles away and put your “everything” in it and make it work; “faith the facts”, it is meant to be.

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