Write Your Wishes and Affirmations Correctly

Writing Your Wishes

Writing and presenting your wishes are much like affirmations, there is a "correct" way to do them. Your subconscious and the Universe are pretty literal; you need to state your wants in a specific way.  

If you've been following these excerpts and creating your Attainment Holiday, you will now have your sheet with all of the Major 8 listed as headings followed by spaces. You can get the form that I’ve created and use by request at: www.terscott.com/contact. Again, these the Major 8: Good Health, enjoyment of food, a restful night’s sleep, money, life and a legacy, sexual gratification, well being of your children and those you love, and a feeling of importance. These 8 areas are like having 8 separate toy catalogs that I mentioned.

Now without too much thought, place your one idea, your “wish”; your one thing under each of the 8 headings that you desire to realize in these next twelve months to be realized within the twelve months and then revealed on your next Revelation Celebration Day. You should really try for just one but definitely no more than 3. You could write your choices on a separate piece of paper and then place your most desired wish under the Major 8 category.

What do you desire most about the first of the Major 8; Good Health? Just don’t place the words: “Good Health” here. Be as specific as you can. When you wanted that special toy, dress, car or whatever you wished for as a child, you also knew that you wanted not just any toy, dress or car. You wanted it to be a special style, color and size. Do the same here; you are a child again! Do you have a certain health issue? If you have a high blood pressure situation for instance, you could write something like: “I’m totally well in all areas of health, especially in the area of my blood pressure, my condition is normal!” Or simply state: “My blood pressure is normal!” Use the exclamation point too if you’d like. This evokes strong emotion. Be sure that you state your realization as if it is in the present tense, something such as: “My blood pressure is normal”; not something like: “My blood pressure will be normal”. Other declarations for this area of health may be “I exercise daily and have tons of energy”. “I weigh 156 pounds” or whatever your desired weight is. Don’t belabor your thoughts here. Usually your first thought is the most desired because this has been something on your mind for a long time. Put it down and move on to the next category of the Major 8. 

Don’t miss how I explain the correct way to list your wishes and then the process for submitting them to Infinite Intelligence for attainment as I continue this process in future posts. If you’d like the complete system (which offers more detail), consider purchasing my Kindle Book on Amazon for $4.99* called: Attainment Revelation Celebration Day; How to Create Your Own Special Holiday to Manage and Measure Your Attainment Results! (The price may be slightly higher or lower depending on certain marketing variables depending on when you are reading this). www.amazon.com.

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