Basic Steps to Attaining Anything Within 12 Months

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What is Attainment Revelation Celebration and how can I use it to attain what I want this year?

The basic steps are simply this.

You write a few things that you wish to attain in the following twelve months on a sheet of paper*, look at it and visualize them happening, fold the paper and place in the envelope, seal it, and don’t open it until your next Revelation Celebration twelve months later.

*You may request the actual Attainment Revelation Celebration Day form from me at no cost by asking for it at It’s a Word document so you can save it on your computer, print it each year, and hand write your attainment wishes on it. It’s better, by the way, to handwrite your wishes; don’t type them and print your document. There is something about the act of “writing” your dreams, goals, and wishes that make attaining them happen.

You’ll then open it, reflect on what is revealed, celebrate and make plans and adjustments for your next twelve months and repeat the process.

As an option to using the Major 8, you can try this with only a list 10 things that you wish, place these wishes on your sheet of paper, and follow the above steps. The book is over 20 pages and goes into much detail.

Purchase the Kindle Edition by going to and using the search box using the words: Attainment Revelation Celebration, Terry Scott 

Don’t miss how I explain the correct way to list your wishes and then the process for submitting them to Infinite Intelligence for attainment as I continue this process in future posts. If you’d like the complete system (which offers more detail), consider purchasing my Kindle Book on Amazon for $4.99* called: Attainment Revelation Celebration Day; How to Create Your Own Special Holiday to Manage and Measure Your Attainment Results! (The price may be slightly higher or lower depending on certain marketing variables depending on when you are reading this).

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