Attain Your Wishes in 12 Months or Less

Congratulations for finding this. You are about to embark on a yearly journey of attainment of your desires, dreams and wishes. 

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Dream big. Ask big. Receive big. – Ter Scott 12/31/13

I’m asking you to believe. Believe enough in your wants, your desires, and your dreams; just enough to take action. Act now in creating and having your own holiday. It’s fun and this one builds your faith. This requires some persistence and patience, but you’ll see that it is worth it; I promise. This may be the one of the most practical exercises to realize your greatest potential in life. Try it; you’ll see

Creating Your Special and Personal Holiday

Looking back, you may recognize that you have attained some wonderful things in just the past few months; yes you have. But, you may have missed truly appreciating and giving thanks for them along the way (which is important because what is appreciated is appreciated; grows in value). Perhaps you could have attained greater things or more things if you had a system or a way to track them, and record them so you know beyond any doubt that indeed you’ve been blessed, in so many ways. I will show you how to create your own special personal holiday which I’ve called: My Attainment Revelation Celebration Day.

How I use my own Attainment Revelation Celebration Day

My Attainment Revelation Celebration Day is the one day of the year that I’ve set aside to spend the entire day for myself for reflection and projection. It’s my own vacation day from all else that I use for reflection and projection. My mind is cleared of all else as I take walks, have leisurely meals, and take note of my thoughts as they happen. Throughout the day, I look back on the past twelve months to see what I’ve attained and make projections for the next twelve months. Business people do something similar with all of their data, charts and meetings, but the Attainment Revelation Celebration day is meant to be just that: a revelation and a celebration; nothing complicated and drawn out. When the day is over, it’s over until the next Revelation Celebration holiday you’ve chosen for your calendar. 

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