Are you getting all you've wished for?

PART 1 of 3: Wishing with Expectancy
I’m holding in my hand, my most recent “fortune” from a cookie I recently had after a Chinese buffet. It reads: “Your wish is about to come true”. You may not give credence to such things but I’ve learned to appreciate all that comes to me; everything has meaning.

My next thoughts were all questions. “What wish? Do I have any wishes now? I know I have wishes but what are they?” And then I thought that sometime I, like most of us, am not ready to have wishes come true. I remembered the sayings, “If I knew you were coming I would have baked you a cake” and, “get ready, company is coming”. Are we ready? Wishes are coming! Let’s be ready for our wishes so when they come to realization, we can take full advantage of them.

Think about times when you had friends or relatives visit and if you had known they were coming, you could have scheduled more time with them, taken time off work or reallocated responsibilities and duties to do things with them, but it was “unexpected” so you did what you could, but you know that you could have done more.

Have you had a time when you had a lump sum of money come your way, say from a bonus at work, a gift, or whatever and found that you spent the money on something(s) and later thought that if you had “planned” for it, that you could have gotten more for your money?

But how can you “plan” for “surprises”? Expect the unexpected! But in your case, it will be “expect the expected”! And always expect good things!

Be sure to return to read Parts 2 and 3 where I share a couple of stories where people “expected” and received what they wished for. In Part 3, I will share a process for you to do the same! (If you have not already done so, I invite you to join as “a follower by email” so you’ll never miss any of these articles).

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