Attainment Revelation Celebration book is on special pricing next week!


Yours truly has a Birthday in February; and I’m celebrating with a special on my Kindle Book.

Next week only, my book,


will be discounted up to 81%!  

On the above dates, find it at: Just place in the search bar: Ter Scott, Attainment Revelation Celebration, click on the “go” to find it and then click on the picture to look inside.

Description: Ter Scott, Attainment Coach will show you how to attain anything within twelve months by creating your own special holiday called your Attainment Revelation Celebration Day. He walks you through the entire process to write your requests that you wish to attain (from the Major 8; a list that he categorized as the most desired wants) within the following twelve months on a sheet of paper, how to write and submit your requests to the Universe and what to do until you read your list again and compare it with the realization of your requests; on your Revelation Celebration Day twelve months later.

You’ll then open it, reflect on what is revealed, celebrate and make plans and adjustments for your next twelve months and repeat the process.

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