Going through some hard times? The key words in the sentence are "going through".

Lately, I’ve been motivating people to go forward and bust through the hard times they are having. Certainly it’s not easy and sometimes offering these same words that I am sharing here with you, may seem like they are just that; words. Perhaps they are but if you think about it, words really are powerful; the world was spoken into existence with words and it didn’t stop then. You and I also create our world as we go on in life, with our words.

Good times and hard times are cyclical; they do come ‘round! Much of the time when we are having hard times, and we are not getting through them, over them or around them, its because we are listening to the wrong words either by others or by our own self defeating talk as we replay it over and over in our minds, and since thoughts are “things”, these thoughts become our reality.

I’ve been there. I was plagued by bills and people who in my estimation, weren’t empowered or creative enough to offer solutions other than threats and unrealistic demands. Most of all of that is gone now except for the memories and I’m better for it. While  going through the trial I knew that at least some reasons for it was that I could use the experience to first never again be in the situation or when a similar situation occurs I’ll know better how to handle it, but also how to counsel others during their times. I won’t comfort and console because I don’t want people getting comfortable with their pain, I want them to get away from it and be better because of it.

The stress and fear one feels during this time is very real and times can become so dark that one may consider the worse and end it all. There were times when I sat on my bed, frozen, literally not wanting to move and I started to hyperventilate. I had to speak to myself silently and breathe in and breathe out in a steady rate to calm myself. I knew that nobody could help me but myself. I needed to talk myself through it. 


Here are a few things that I did to become victorious over almost a full year of this. What helped me and continues to help, was (and is):

Thinking about what could be the worse that could happen. Usually the worse scenario isn’t as bad as we first think; we’ll still get along!

Keep telling yourself that you are a good person getting over a bad time. You will make it through and be so much better for it.

Understanding that I don't need a job; I need income.
My situation was stress due to having lost income and still having the same bills. Collectors were relentless. But I knew that getting one or two more jobs was not the answer. I would have fewer hours to use for living and this would create less balance in my life. Working for someone else will always offer less time and freedom to live and travel and do the things I really wanted to do. For instance, imagine having $40,000* a year that comes in while you are sleeping, traveling or visiting. You'll forget what day it is when you don't have to show up for work on Mondays. People are doing this! Work a job with the intent of using it as a stepping stone to not working a job; use it to get you to freedom. *$40,000 is a relative sum; put your own figure there if you’d like.

Protect your health; it’s everything. I continually talked myself through the days and nights telling myself that I had my health and that nothing would take it away from me. 


Find something that you can do and or give to others.
If all you have is a smile, give that. But if you think of it, you have so much more to give. Give away clothes, and things that you haven’t used. If you may be losing your house anyway, you don’t want to have to put that all in storage or see it taken from you. And this simple act of giving will start you back on the path to receiving.

If you can’t give 10% (don’t argue whether it should be on the gross or net of your income at this point) give 5%. If 5% is too much, do 1%; but give something.

Build the well before you need the water.
Are you stressed because of the pressures at work? Know that your employment is not your source of income. Let me tell you that again. Your employment is not the source of your income. God is. The Universe is. God gave you the job as He is your source of all things. You are just going through some friction as you move forward. So move forward and get through this!

You'll feel better when you have "more cards in your hand" than that of your employer. Be in control. Never be at the mercy of your employer; always have something going. Keep your resume up to date. Keep your networking contact base out there. By visiting job sites and taking classes at the local work center you'll be acquiring tools that will help you to get into a better place. You’ve taken time off work to take vacations right? You owe it to yourself to take time off to keep your skills honed so you’ll always be in control of your employment future. Threats and job pressures are much lighter when you have options!

I've always tried to build my well, and it's not always easy and it takes time. The stress at my work places motivated me to work on my well faster an harder! Others would go home and watch TV adventures while I would be planning or making mine! You know that things are changing in the work world with unemployment and layoffs, and on it goes; you have to take control of your life and change yourself first before changes are forced on you. The Boy Scouts motto will always ring true: “Be Prepared”. 


Always have goals and reasons to live.
This is what has gotten the POWs to live through terrible conditions; probably much worse than what you and I have been through. Always picture positively what your life will be like after you get through your temporary troubles. Write them down and read them continually. This really helps.

Trust in God.
God in His Universe has all (that means you and me and our situations) in His care; and this is not just “fluff”; it’s very real to me. 

Use and proclaim affirmations.
I would write and proclaim affirmations such as: "This or something better". One thing I've written affirmation I kept on a 3x5 card, and read it morning, noon, and night:

“This situation does not dismay me, for God, the very Spirit of Love and Wisdom, is with me to uphold and sustain me, and to make all things right. I trust everything in my life to the tender care of the Father, because I know His Will for me is health, happiness, prosperity, spiritual unfoldment and all that is good.”

All of this may seem like "Hocus Pocus" or "pie in the sky"; positive thinking or whatever. But, I took the time to share this with you and I know that it works.

You will have a great day regardless of what your outside circumstances are; this I know.


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