Include Others in Your Wishes to Bring them About Sooner

Include Others in Your Wishes

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Your desires don’t have to be just for yourself. You can include others in your wishes. In the two earlier examples of the first two in the Major 8 (Good Health, Enjoyment of Food), you might state your wish as, “I am healthy as I take walks every other day with my significant other” and, “I enjoy my weekly coffee time with my daughter and our relationship is great!” (I offer more examples in each of the Major 8 in my book: Attainment Revelation Celebration Day; How to Create Your Own Special Holiday to Manage and Measure Your Attainment Results!

I think you are getting the idea now that you need to create one or several wishes for each heading of the Major 8 on your paper. I like to choose one preferably but you can list up to 3. Be sure that you list at least one item for each area of the Major 8. You may remember at the outset of my explaining this system that I stated you might choose to create a list 10 things you desire to (“be, have, and do” within the next twelve months; that’s fine too. Use either the Major 8 as I do, or your list of 10 Things that you wish to attain, or feel free to alternate from your Major 8 list, and your list of 10 Things over the years. This is your holiday!

In the next section of this Revelation Celebration system I will tell you how to submit your desires and wishes to Infinite Intelligence and trust in their fulfillment within the next twelve months for you to celebrate on your Revelation Celebration Day!

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