Prosper Seven Ways in Seven Days

Elsewhere I’ve created and published the entire plan on how to do this but here I will add an exercise which will help you achieve seven things that you desire within seven days.

You may recall having to stay after class and write on the board a phrase over and over again; probably 20 to 100 times; something like: “I will not be late”, “I will not be late”, “ I will not…”. I think the fact that one had to stay later and miss out on something else was what made this effective; not the writing and not the content of the sentence being written. In the same way, whether we write or speak, when we state within the context what it is that we don’t want, the subconscious still hears it, and that is what it and the Universe brings to us. In the case of the writing on the wall, it would have been more effective to state: “I will always be on time”, “I will always be on time”. 

Let’s talk about this in this 7 day program. If you’ve read about the program elsewhere, the first steps of determining 7 things you want, writing down these 7 things on 3 x 5 cards and reviewing them 7 times per day for 7 days, you’ve already done; just add these additional steps to what you are doing to achieve results.  

Adding to the previous steps above, you’ll now open a word document (or you can handwrite this on a sheet but I like to create the “form” in a word document so you can reprint and use again and again) and title it at the top: 7 Day “Vision Grateful”. Gratitude is the key to opening the lock of prosperity; without gratitude, you usually have an “attitude” and it’s usually not a good one! 

Now number this from 1 to 7 and leave space after each number. Save this form on your computer for future use. Now print off 7 sheets and for the next 7 days, you’ll write the seven things that you want to “realize” in your life by the end of day 7. You can request the form by first becoming a “follower by email” to this blog, and then going to my website: and find my email address at the very top right of the page. Email me telling me that you are a “follower by email” at the blog and request a copy of the form and you’ll get a copy to save on your computer to print over and over when you need it. 

Your seven things can be anything. And please give some real thought to these real things. Make them big enough that they will motivate you yet believable. If your belief is not to the stage of getting a Mercedes within seven days, don’t put that down. However, only you know what you can write down, just be sure to be building your faith in your written desires. 

Here are 7 things that I used at one time:
1.       I have $5,000 that came to me from an unexpected source.
2.       I am grateful that my rent is paid in full.
3.       I am grateful that I own a great running car; it’s in the driveway and valued at over $5,000.
4.       I am grateful that I have my guitars back from the pawn shop.
5.       I am grateful that I’m taking (friend) to a nice restaurant of her choice.
6.       I am grateful that I am wearing a new shirt and pants.
7.       I am grateful that (name) calls me with good news and that I respond with good news! 

When you’ve written your seven things down on paper, leave them until the next day. Just be sure that you are reading them from your 3x5 card 7 times each day. 

One day 2, rewrite your seven things again and put your sheet away. Continue this process for the full 7 days. You may want to record brief notes as to what things occur that is evidence that these 7 things are “growing” in realization; you may even achieve a few of them before the 7 days! After 7 days, modify your list removing the items you’ve realized, add more and move on. 

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