Seven Steps to Seeing Seven Changes in Seven Days

What are your goals; can you tell me? What do you want to be, do and have? Here’s my Seven Steps to Attaining Seven Things in Seven Days; a system for seeing real changes in your life in one week or less.

If you are like many of us, myself included; you’ve heard a lot about goals and so when you hear about anything to do with “goals” your left side of your brain says: “On no, not that stuff again”(or maybe it’s your right side, which is the side that says: “Let’s get on to the fun stuff”). Whatever side of your brain is thinking the most right now; please stay with me on this.

Here’s a way to realize changes that you want accomplished in your life in just a week! Follow this exercise for seven days before you make a decision that it will not work for you, OK? Start out with at least seven things so you’ll be more likely to “see” results. When we plant different seeds, they all grow at different rates.

To do this you’ll need a quiet place, a pen, paper, highlighter and timer (if you have one handy) 3x5 cards, and a notebook.

  1. Get quiet; be still. Move away from distractions. Some people have not had any amount of silence in their life for some time. Some people need to get back to doing this as they are afraid to be alone with their thoughts and their creator; that is a subject and exercise for another time!   
  2. With only you, your thoughts and a pen and paper (and a timer set for seven minutes) continue writing about things that you’d like to be, do and have. When your mind stops giving you answers, ask yourself what do I want to be, what do I want to do and what do I want to have? Fight any temptation to say that someone else won’t let me, won’t like that, that’s too big for me, that will never happen. As a matter of fact; instead while you are doing this say things like they will love me for this, they want me to be, do and have this, that’s just right for me, etc. But don’t take too much time with this, just get the answers coming out as fast as possible and on the paper; make it a game and have fun!
  3. After seven minutes look down at your paper and you may be surprised at just how much you’ve written. Now choose seven of these things that you want the most and rewrite them on a separate sheet of paper, or in your notebook. These will be your “TOP seven”! Now choose 3 that you want to accomplish within 30 days. Rewrite your list of seven things so that your top 3 are the first three you have numbered as 1, 2, and 3. Now you should have a numbered list of seven things that will be changed in your life and the top 3 will be changed within 30 days; isn’t that exciting? You will see results in seven days. However, when seven days has passed, hopefully you’ll see evidence enough to continue for a full 30 days. When you’ve accomplished one of your seven, add another from your original list. Note: You could be doing some of this in a word document on your computer but from here on with this exercise, write by hand with pen and paper; preferably in a notebook.
  4. Now there is power already in what you’ve done. You could literally take your list, place it in an envelope and not look at it until 30 days and come back to it and many of your goals will have happened! Again, that is another subject and exercise that we’ll do some other time. For this step, you need to close your eyes and say to yourself that you are committed to doing the following steps for seven days and you’ll see your goals happen. You deserve these things and you are thankful for them coming to you. I am committed, thankful and ready to have them in my life!
  5. Every morning as soon as possible, within the first few minutes of waking, write your list of seven things in your notebook. When you are done doing this use your highlighter and highlight the first three things. Close your eyes and “remember” your list, going through each from one to ten. At night, just before you go to bed, read your list of ten things close your eyes and “remember” them from one to ten. At first you won’t remember all ten or they may be out of order; no worries, you will by doing this daily. Soon these ten items will become more “real” to you and you’ll find yourself thinking more about each of them and “daydreaming” by seeing yourself  being, doing and having in each of these seven things!
  6. I love 3x5 cards and you’ll see me with them in my pocket all of the time! Write a short version of each of your seven things on a 3x5 card on one side of the card. Yes, you’ll have to print small or be more precise with each of your things do be able to get them all on one side. On the other side of the card number it from one to seven; these are the seven days that you are committed to doing this exercise. Carry this card with you and look at it often during the day; at least three times; ideally you will want to do this seven times per day. When you do, place a hash mark after the number for the day on the opposite side of the card. For the week you should have seven hash marks for each of the seven days. Give yourself two hash marks when you’ve done your morning and night tasks.
  7. That’s it; step seven is to follow through. If you miss a day just pick up where you’ve left off; you’ll still see results. For my advanced students we’ll start again at day one when we’ve missed a day, but don’t do that if you’re doing this for the first time. You need to get through this and see that it works!

Attain well! Ter 

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