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I do want to share with you my new coaching program called Attainment On Call which will run all of 2014 and is limited to just 50 members, but before I do, I'd like to share two things that happened to me yesterday that gives evidence to the principle of controlling our emotions and responses to things that occur in our day.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever it is that we are “presenting” or in what way we are “reacting”, it gives us more of that experience. For instance, just as Bob Proctor tells us, that when we say that we want to get out of debt, it doesn’t matter whether it is “in or out of debt” we’ll get more debt; so we need to change our thinking and concentrate on what we want and not on what we don’t want.
That’s why when our day seems to start “wrong” it continues to go that direction; especially if respond negatively. Yesterday I had two separate instances in which I could have had a negative attitude but chose to feel “neutral” about it and to “go with the flow”. I tend to let the Universe (God) take care of my needs and situations (but I also “act” and do what I believe is my part). I guess we call that faith!
So here’s what happened first. I prepaid for my gas at a station and I have no idea why I did this, but I drove away without pumping the gas into my vehicle. I was several blocks away and noticed that my gas gauge hadn’t gone up and then realized that I left without fueling. At this point I could have called myself “stupid” and beat myself up but I immediately found a route back to the station hoping that I could still “claim” the gas that I had paid for. When I got to the station, which is quite a large station and usually very busy, I found that the pump was unattended and on its electronic message board it stated: Begin Fueling. I did, and literally “praised the Lord” for this protection! This was such an impact-ful moment, I felt compelled to walk up to a stranger who was pumping gas and shared this story.
This next event happened about an hour after this one. I needed to pay on a bill at a business but only had a credit card with me and this particular transaction required cash. So I ran quickly ran to one of my credit unions, went in and asked if they had an ATM. The woman said, yes; outside in the drive-up area. I asked how much the fee would be and when I asked how much the fee was, she stated $2.00. I then got back into my vehicle, went to the drive-up area to the ATM. The fee was $2.50. However it would not accept my card! Now here I could have gotten upset. Now what? Then I had an idea. I went to one of those big mart stores (this one starts with a “W”). I went in and bought an item for about $4 and withdrew the additional $60 cash from my card that was needed to pay the bill. Now, I could have gotten upset with the ATM, the fact that it was $2.50 and not $2.00 for the fee as the woman had said, etc. etc., but I just moved on. By doing so I was rewarded with the idea to pick up something that I needed and get the cash from my card that way; and with no ATM fee!
The rest of my day went very smoothly and ran like clockwork! I got everything done when needed and I was at the right place at the right time all through the day.
I’m sure that you’ve had great days like this one. I’m sharing it because to me, this was evidence that when we control our responses to what happens to us, we can change our outcome. It confirms one of my mantras: “Life doesn’t happen to me, I happen to Life!" 

To get more details about the Attainment on Call program click on the picture to go to my site page. 
Make it a great day! 

Per the Attainment on Call, here's what we'll be doing every week in 2014:

You’ll get my attainment article for that week. This will get you going in the right direction to
achieve what you desire for that week (and beyond).
Tuesday:You’ll get more information about the week’s related topic by another attainment mentor.Wednesday:We’ll review a product, book or website (or sometimes all three) related to the weekly topic.Thursday:You’ll get a video of me talking to you and responding to your questions or comments you’ve
communicated about the week’s topic.
Friday:This will be the “BIG Question Day” where you can ask your questions and have interaction
with each of the other private members in the group.

To get more details about the Attainment on Call program 
click on the picture to go to my site page. 
Make it a great day! 

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