Four Step Plan to Attain Anything

From time to time I share these “Attainment Rules” in my other blogs to help a different audience. Because the Major 8 deals with eight areas in our lives, these principles often apply to something else I’m writing or to someone else I’m writing to. This morning I shared this quick four step formula to attain with my readership at: You can go there to read how a woman used these four steps to attain a trip to the Middle East without the money in her pocket or any idea as to where the money would come!

Here are the four steps.

  1. Plant a mental seed of what you want.
  2. Write down your desire.
  3. Prepare your mind with knowledge about what you want, learn about it, and know about it.
  4. Then confidently wait. Expect it.
Think this is too simple to work? Visit my other blog to see how well it worked for one woman at

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 Attain well!

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