Another "Winning Wednesday"

It’s “Winning Wednesday”

Are you “winning” today? It’s Wednesday, the day people can’t wait to get over with so they are closer to the weekend. But we should be “winning” every day because every day can and should be great. Think about it, have you ever had a crummy weekend where things didn’t go your way? And, have you ever had an “awesome” weekday when everything went smooth and stellar?
That “living for the weekend” thing; it astounds me. Don’t people understand that by rushing the week to get to the weekend, that when you do that about 4,000 times you are now on the other side of eternity wondering “where did the time go”! So, sloooooooow down. Smell the roses. Play with your kids, take time for others and you. 

It’s not the day; it’s what you expect and what you do with your day! As you go through your day today see who it is that is either winning or whining. It’s Wednesday and it’s your choice. Live it!  

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