$1.49 Gets You a Seat in Front of a Guru

Would you pay $1.49 to learn how to become a millionaire? How about paying only 99 cents to learn people skills from a master in the art? How about 49 cents to learn about how to improve in any area from what I call the Major 8 as I explain in this blog. Areas of the Major 8 include being a better person financially, personally, spiritually, and socially. Well you can!

You have success coaches that will help you, and they are all around you. They are also available to teach you 24/7. You may have heard the saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. It is so and for only pennies on the dollar! How can you get this first class training for around a dollar when these gurus charge $1000 or more per hour for a one on one, or that much and more if you were sitting in a conference room with a hundred others for a day?
Here’s your answer, find and read their books which contain their principles and methods. You can often find them in used bookstores like Goodwill, Savers, even most libraries have sections where they sell used books. Write now I’m reading The Millionaire Zone by Jennifer Openshaw and I see by the price sticker that I paid only $1.49; probably from my local Savers store.

This week’s assignment: Go to your used bookstore and search the shelves for a book that addresses your interest. Buy it, read it and do it; do what the author says to do. Make a commitment to read the book in its entirety and commit to doing what the author tells you to do without complaining or changing his or her “system” until you see the results.

If you, the “student” are ready, the “teacher” in the form of a book will appear! Be ready.

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