Work Yourself into an "excited" Tizzy to Attain what you Want; here's one way.

I guess no one really knows the origin to the word “tizzy” but it mean to work yourself into a dither; a nervous, excited or distracted condition. Since there are 3 options, I’ll choose the “excited” variety and in the good way. 

Get excited about things you want to do. 

I was listening to my friend Jack Canfield recently and he spoke of a time he was on an airplane and a fellow passenger was “white knuckled” and when asked by Jack what was going on of course the answer was that the person was imagining the worse of having the plane crash or minimally have a rough landing. Jack on the other hand was imaging already having landed (safely) and going about his business, seeing and helping people as that was the purpose of his trip. Knowing the power of the mind as I do, I’m very grateful that more passengers on the plane have more of Jack’s type of “imaging in” than those who do not!

My thoughts I’m sharing with you today is that I am myself into an “excited” tizzy about my five weeks of one on one coaching with my E-Coaching program, ThePOWER of Balance.  Something else I got from listening to Jack has to do with how we “see” ourselves allows us to believe that we can do something or that we cannot. In The POWER of Balance, you’ll come to “know” your complete whole self; in all eight areas of the Major 8 ™.

When I wrote out the details of the program (which you can read here) there just wasn’t room to state all the great things that will happen to the participants as they move through these eight weeks and if anything is “impossible” I’d have to say that this would be it. Who knows what wonders will happen to you as you do the assignments, get my feedback and progress? Much of what will happen has to do with the areas you will choose to work on. One could take this five week course over and over again working on different areas each time and simply become better; that is the essence of a human “being”. Once you have gone through the five weeks, you’ll have the materials so you can do them over and over on your own.

I do not know if I will ever offer this same course again. It’s exclusive. It’s tailored to you and your needs. It’s limited to only 25 members.

And the class starts January 18th so if you are interested please read the details here. If you have questions or comments, you can complete a response form at:

Get to sleep when you want to. 
My gift to you today is an exercise that will help you get that “restful night’s sleep” which is number three in the list of the Major 8 ™. I will not go into as much depth as I would with someone participating in The POWER of Balance, but I think you’ll get enough here to do it.

When someone cannot sleep many times it’s because of thoughts about something that has happened, is happening or they think will happen. Their “tizzy” is one that doesn’t allow them to sleep, stay sleeping or actually causes them to not sleep well and sometimes they even dream about the very situation which is robbing them of their sleep. You may have a physical ailment or some other reason that you cannot slumber but I’ll address that some other time.

As an example, let’s say that what has happened is that you totaled your car, you are fine but you now have a big financial concern. What’s “happening” is that your car is in the shop and the mechanic and insurance company is dealing with how to repair or replace it? What you are thinking will happen is that you’ll pay a ton of money that you don’t have; you need a car to get to work, etc. etc. All of these thoughts and more are going through your mind, being played over and over like a movie; all of which makes it hard to sleep.  

When I use this technique I do what I call a “body contour” relaxation which can be a very long process or a quick version. Then I do this:

I am in bed with the lights off, sometimes with music playing but usually with a fan creating while noise to mask other distracting sounds. With my covers around me, I am truly like the childhood song I used to teach my piano pupils, “Snug as a Bug in a Rug”.

I see myself and feel myself as being safe. With all of my senses I imagine myself being absolutely safe and well “this very moment” which is very important … and very true. This is something that I can absolutely agree upon and acknowledge in my mind, body and soul to allow me to “release” all the thoughts and begin to sleep.

In this example, it is true that “at this very moment” I am no longer in the car, in the situation of the collision. At this very moment, I am not in the mechanic’s shop and can not do anything about the outcome of the decision of the pricing for the repair work. At this moment, I cannot change anything about what has happened, what is happening, or what will happen (for the most part; our thoughts can modify what is happening or what will happen we are shutting down our thoughts; “just for this moment”).

So for this moment we are safe and our thoughts good or less than good, are released and drift away from us. When I have released all of this tension, I can “go” to sleep. Here’s how I “go” to sleep.

Here I tell myself that if I need to wake up and take care of something that I can do so and that also I will wake up refreshed and ready to continue or start my day. This technique works well for naps of 20 minutes or sleep schedules of 1 or 4 hours!

I imagine myself at the top of a stairs having ten steps. I visualize and feel my feet literally step down on each step counting from ten down to one with me stepping down one step with each count. When I’m at about step 7 or 5 I glance behind me to “know” that I’ve actually made this movement. When I first started doing this I had to visualize myself and feel myself “pulling” myself down the stairs using the hand rail!

As I get down past steps 5 and 4 I can see through a door the most comfortable white bed with clean white fluffy mattress, sheets and pillows; everything is perfect, soooo comfortable and inviting; I can’t wait to throw myself onto it!

I continue stepping down the remaining steps and on the very bottom step I jump from it onto the bed and feel myself bounce slightly and feel the entire mattress engulf me much like how I remember jumping on a bed as a kid and the bed is much like the most comfortable bed I ever slept on which was at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. (It really helps to pull from a good experience from your past).

Now I’m in this most wonderful place that is safe from all harm and the cares of the world of what happened, what is happening and what will happen… for the “moment”. But a moment is all we need. There is one last thing that I have to do to keep thoughts away.

If you are a creative person like I am, this is where ideas and inspiration come and you need to write them down or pick up you smartphone and sing your melody or lyrics into your recorder or do a quick text to yourself so you can work with these later. It’s important not to say “no” to these things but you should have had those come to you before you walked downstairs to your “happy place” to go to sleep.

So the one last thing that I do to be able to drift off to sleep is to say silently to myself, “I am sleeping”, “I am sleeping”; “I am sleeping”. Continue saying this to yourself and the next thing will be that you’ll hear your alarm go off or you’ll wake on your own! Be careful to mix up the rhythm of this phrase by saying it quickly at times, long and drawn out at other times, but breathe normally. I sometimes find myself creating a rhythm which can be a distraction! Do not deviate from this phrase. Now I will tell you the reason for the phrase.

You say this phrase over and over and over to drown out any other thoughts and to tell your subconscious mind that you are sleeping! You are no longer “going” to sleep or can’t sleep, you are sleeping. I vision a blank white screen and keep it “blank”. When thoughts or images try to come to me I ignore them and continue silently affirming: “I am sleeping”.

Go ahead and try this the next time you think that you can’t sleep. This is only one of the techniques we’ll cover in The POWER of Balance. When you have a great night’s rest, you can conquer just about anything which helps you raise the level of power in the other seven areas.

Let me know what you think of this in the comments below. If you think you’d like this and more, really consider joining me in the fiveweeks of E-Coaching with The POWER of Balance.

Don’t forget that when you invite someone who enrolls, you’ll get $100.

Make it a great day!
Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Attainment Coach

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