Have you registered for Ter Scott's E-Class, The POWER of Balance?

If you have not registered for my new E-Class 
 The POWER of Balance, you have until January 7th to save $1000. For details on the class, VISIT HERE

Attendees receive private, one on one coaching by yours truly in all of the Major 8 ™ (listed at the top of this page). When people have all eight areas addressed (in the way that they are comfortable) then they are balanced and can move forward with their life easier and freer. They realize their purpose and achieve goals and desires faster.

In the five weeks we’ll have together, we will assess where you “are” in each of the 8 areas. We’ll list your desires and what you wish to attain and modify in each of the areas; then we’ll create goals with dates and action steps to get where you want to be. We’ll use a proven system: Plan, Do; Review.

I’m very excited to launch this course and look forward to assisting a maximum of 25 students in this life changing course. The POWER of Balance will have you attaining your desires in 2016 like you’ve never been able to do prior to our time together; I guarantee it or you’ll get every penny back. I explain it all here

When you invite someone to the course, I’ll pay you $100; just email me his or her name.

If you’ve ever felt like your life was or is out of balance, I invite you to change it right now; it’s up to you. For more details visit here. To pay for your class visithere

Make it a great day and if you have questions leave them in the comments area or Click here to go to my response page.  

Ter Scott
Life and Legacy Attainment Coach

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