This Quick Survey reveals about 100 things about you.

This is a recent survey that I took on Facebook. I think you'll be interested in your answers. 

Go ahead, take a moment to write down 3 answers and put them in order of importance. Don't worry, no one but you will be looking at your answers (unless you want to share them in the comments). Be honest too, and take some time with this; do some soul searching and ask yourself questions like, "why did I choose these answers" and "why did I place them in this order"? 

One thing I've found interesting is that when the answers were to be shared by my attendees then they chose things from the list that they thought that the "class" wanted to hear; not necessarily what was "correct" in their situation. For instance, "money" is a very "big" concern for most people but many may not list it if they know that we'll talk about this publicly. So go ahead, no one is looking over your shoulder. 

These are the kind to things we'll explore when you and I are working together, one on one via email in The POWER of Balance five week program. The class starts on January 18th, and when you enroll now you'll save a bundle. Plus, I will give you $100 for anyone you invite to the course and they sign up. All the details are here: CLICK HERE

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