The POWER of Balance, a NEW E-Class by Ter Scott!

The POWER of Balance

Before you read the following letter, honestly ponder a moment on each of these statements:

You don’t have as much money as you want, or the financial position in life that you desire, and you think that you have a “money” problem.

You’d like to leave a legacy but you are not living the life that you want.

You aren’t getting all the respect and recognition you would like from others but when you think about it, in many areas of your life, you don’t respect yourself.

You want better health, restful sleep and get all the things done that you want to get done but you think that there is not enough time.

Dear Friend,

If any or all of the above statement pertain to you, I understand; I was there. It was like I was driving a car on my life journey with one flat tire, one over-inflated and the other two out of balance. I always had to get to my next appointment, to work or wherever so I never had the time to check the tires; or so I thought.

Many of us talk about balance, usually in the negative sense; in that our lives are out of control and out of balance. The good news is that I found a way to get our lives back in balance so we can have the health, wealth and wisdom to enjoy our life. After I found it, I went about creating a way to develop it into a system that works so that I could teach it to others.

You may never have had anyone speak to you about “getting into balance” before but friend that is truly what you and I really seek because it is absolutely vital to our existence. Living your life out of balance can cause death!

I’m not trying to frighten you and I’m not a doctor. But let me ask you. Does it make sense that if you are not healthy, not eating right and not sleeping well that it will take a toll on the body?

And does it also make sense that if any of these things or lack of these things can and will affect your outlook on life, the relationships you have with friends, family, at work and socially?

And further, can you do your best at your job (whether it’s you or someone else signing your paycheck), make as many sales or as much money as you could if when your life is truly in balance?

Your life can be in balance you know.

I’m thinking right now of some of the TV commercials that want to sell us pills for every time something in our body is out of balance.

When you understand The POWER of Balance, you will understand that it’s not just “your body, or your money, or your this or that…” it is your “whole being”. I have separated that “whole being” into eight areas that we can become aware of, fix or alter; modify if you will the area(s) where we need to change and then maintain each for a balanced life that we can enjoy!

You really can enjoy your life you know.

You can have all of this:

·        Good Health
·        Enjoyment of Food
·        A restful night’s sleep
·        Money
·        Life and Legacy
·        Sexual Gratification
·        Well-Being of your Children and Those you Love
·        Respect and a Feeling of Importance

This list is what I call The Major 8™.

These eight areas make up our whole set of desires. When we aren’t “at peace” with each of the eight, it truly is like driving a car without all eight cylinders running. We waste time and fuel and get to our goals tired, if we get to them at all.

Pretend that I’m a “mind reader” for a moment.

Choose one area from the list that you would like to have more of, do better in or with. Think of it and hold it in your mind.

Got it?

Keep it there…

OK, I got it…

It’s money.

Well, I’m not really a mind reader and you may be one of the 3% who said something else. But I will tell you now that if you think you have a money problem, think again.

Money is rarely the problem; it’s the symptom.

It’s a symptom telling you that one or more of the other areas are out of balance.

And if you can’t sleep, you may have a health “problem” or situation as I prefer to call it, and if you can’t eat you may have a health situation.
My point here is that they all work together as a whole.

Here’s the solution.

I have put together a 5 week E-Class where I will present the Major 8 in such a way that you will understand it, and its impact on your life’s potential. Together we'll rate each area and I will then assist you in getting each area in balance with the other 7. When that is done, you’ll have a well-rounded “tire” and a well-rounded and balanced life!

I’m writing you to invite you to attend that class.

My name is Ter Scott! (Probably the only person you know who signs his name with an exclamation point). 

I’m known as the “Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant” ™ and the “Life and Legacy Attainment Coach”. My teachers are those from history, those from “The Secret” and other life mentors. I have taught grades K through 12, and also at a University. I even taught public speaking … online! I definitely can help you make changes in your life to create a balanced life; one that you can maintain for the rest of your life! I guarantee it.

From my well rounded life experience accompanied with the teachings of my mentors (and the wisdom from above), I believe that I was meant to “find” these eight desires that are so precious and connected with every soul and then teach them in such a way that people can understand and use them to realize their fullest potential.

And only 25 attendees will benefit in this five week E-Class which starts very soon.

Keep reading and I'll explain...

The e-class will be 5-weeks long. It begins January 18th. Each week you will receive an entire lesson which will cover 2 of the Major 8 ™ along with my comments, instruction and assignments. You'll do each assignment and return it with your comments and questions to me. I'll then comment on it and return it to you, again all by email.

If you are one of the 9,000 readers of my blog: blog you are now reading) you probably know how much my teachings and instructions have helped others and perhaps even yourself. But I can only do so much via a blog and comments. With "The POWER of Balance" you'll have five full weeks where you and I will communicate one on one; privately so you can be totally open and speak in confidentiality.

You're probably wondering, can you really learn anything from an E-class?

I’ve won accolades (and actual bewilderment by my colleagues) when I created and used a system to teach college business students Oral Communication. The students gave live speeches; all taught by me online for 12 weeks. These students not only did well and said all kinds of great things about my teaching of the class (I taught it about 6 times); they also graduated and went on to excel in their professions and careers.

What can you expect as a result of taking THIS new E-Class?

YOU decide.

That's right: You.

Decide what you want to “modify” in the eight areas of your life. 

Remember the things you “pondered on” at the beginning of this letter? Did one or more of these sound like you, look like your situation or make you feel like you might have room for improvement? think that you have a “money” problem.
… you are not living the life that you want.
…you don’t respect yourself.
…you think that there is not enough time.

BALANCE is what you will get out of this class.

And that's your guarantee. Take the class, use the methods I will teach and help you use, and you will get the thing you want-
…or your money back!

Yes, I know I'm being risky. 

I have mentors who tell me NOT to offer a guarantee; but I want you to know that I will take all the risk. You can take the entire course, the full five weeks of the training and email consultations and then... if you are not satisfied, I will return to you every penny.

But what would you expect from the man who is known as the “Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant” and the “Life and Legacy Attainment Coach”? I have a presence with a great reputation on the Internet; and I don't want to sacrifice that!

And let's face it---This class is about teaching you the art of "BALANCE". 

It’s called “The POWER of Balance” and waht's interesting here is that I’ve not even touched on the “POWER” part of the E-Class. 

You will realize better health, wealth and prosperity which is the "power" that comes from balance. You'll realize power in all areas of your life during and after you finish your five weeks that I cannot express to you here, because they will “be created” and "revealed" to you as you go along. 

With all of that, certainly you would expect to take the e-course, do the lessons, and GET your life in BALANCE, right?

The cost for this e-class? That's the best news of all.

If you've taken any other e-classes on the Internet you know they can typically be $1,500 and up for something much less and probably from a hired assistant. Here, you’ll receive the information, get the coaching, and learn how to apply the Major 8™ in your life delivered to you via email by "yours truly". 

Imagine in just five weeks you could be “pain free” (not just pain free in your body but in all areas of balance; have more money in your bank account than you make in one year, start dating the love of your life, and so much more.

Yes, that is exactly what I’m talking about; being in balance has its rewards!

My one on one coaching over the phone is $500 to $1000 per hour. An investment in a one day seminar with me would be around $2,500; not including meals, lodging and airfare.

My mentors told me to charge $2,500 for the coaching and instruction (and benefits) you’ll get. Others told me to downsize the material and charge $2,500 for it.

So I’ve set the price at: $2,500 but for the whole five weeks with nothing left out. 

However, I do have partners on the Internet who have “followings”, subscribers, whoever and I’m allowing them to offer the five weeks for $1500, but to a very limited number of people.

So I will do the same; I will charge $1,500 for the first 20 people who enroll.

Remember it starts in a few weeks (January 18th), you too can get “The POWER of Balance” for $1500 total.

Your $1,500 gets you:

·        The e-class: 5-weeks long starting January 18th.

·        Each week you will receive an entire lesson which covers 2 of the Major 8 ™ along with my comments, instruction and assignments.

·        Do each assignment and return it with your comments and questions to me.

·        I'll then comment on it and return it to you, again all by email.

And you will still get the iron clad guarantee; if you go through the entire five weeks and you are dissatisfied, I will return every penny.

And I’ll do even better than my Internet partners.

Because you are one of my subscribers or readers of one of my blogs, sites or you’ve attended my seminars, or you’ve purchased something; you are one of the family in some way...

If you register before January 7th, you can get in for only $1,400. But remember that the class if filled when 25 people sign up. 

You may pay in full before January 7th for $1,400 or in 2 payments of $750 ($1500) each; one today and one on January 17th, before classes begin.

(After January 7th the cost will be $1,500 in one payment or split in 2 payments ($1,600); first payment of $800 and $800 on January 17th, before classes begin).

Think about it. 

You could pay the price of this five week “get your life in balance” life changing event, in one or two doctor visits, or in one session with a mental health professional; or, even lose that much with a bad financial decision. 

The POWER of Balance can change all of that and make your life better; almost like driving a new car with all the wheels cruising comfortably toward you life’s desires. That’s what you really want, right?

You deserve to live your life in balance, don't you agree? Learn and live “The POWER of Balance”.

Prove it to yourself and sign up for this life changing five weeks right now.

To make your payment, please go to: and use the BUY button in the yellow box in the center of the page. Enter description and amount chosen. 

Learn and live “The POWER of Balance”.

Best of continued success,
Ter Scott!

PS -- Remember, YOU decide what areas in the Major 8 ™ that you want to modify. You are GUARANTEED to be completely satisfied or you can have all your money back.

To make your payment, please go to: and use the BUY button in the yellow box in the center of the page. Enter description and amount chosen

Remember, I can only accept 25 students.

PPS -- For every person you get to register for “The POWER of Balance”, I'll give you $100.
Just have them contact me using your name.

POB 816 Tower Avenue, Suite 6403
Superior Wisconsin 54880 888-241-4031

To make your payment, please go to: and use the BUY button in the yellow box in the center of the page. Enter description and amount chosen

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